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EuroPython “Ask me Anything” [Finished]

Dear Community,

we want to try a new experiment and run an “Ask me Anything” (AMA)to answer questions you may have, share our knowledge or help you in planning your online event.

Some of the topics we can cover:

  • our tools research and findings
  • our concepts for running an online conference or event
  • our experience with running EuroPython online
  • what we could do to support you
  • how our Zoom license sharing works
  • how you can apply for a grant
  • how the EuroPython Society works
  • how we run the EuroPython organization with fully remote work groups

and, of course, anything else :-)

Post your questions in the comments section below.

If there is demand, we’ll probably have these AMA here on DEV on a monthly basis to keep the momentum going.

BTW: We are making our conference resources available on our website, in case you have missed our blog post earlier this year.

Many thanks.


EuroPython 2020 Team

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