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EuroPython 2021: Trainings and Workshops

Before we get on to the trainings and workshops, the full week's schedule is live, and you can check it out here:

Have you ever wanted to build an image search system, take a deep dive into pytest or learn about algorithmic trading? Then we have a treat for you!

The EuroPython conference will start with two full training and workshop days on Monday, July 26th, and Tuesday, July 27th.


Combined Ticket Training sessions

We have carefully curated 14 paid training sessions, which you can attend with a Combined Ticket. Each session is 3 hours long.

If you already have a conference ticket, but would like to switch to a combined ticket, please email You will receive a discount coupon that allows you to upgrade your ticket to a combined one.

Conference Ticket Training Sessions

Additionally, if you have purchased a Conference only Ticket, you are welcome to join the 4 sponsored workshops in the Argument-Clinic track!

Special Workshops

For total beginners, we have teamed up with Humble Data to deliver a Beginners' Day Workshop, specifically for newcomers to Python. This is also accessible for Conference only Ticket holders and is scheduled for Tuesday.

We are also working on a Django Girls Workshop, which will be announced separately. We’ve scheduled this for Monday.

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