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ETHPlanet Hackathon Workshop 1: Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP)

As part of the ETHPlanet Hackathon: Building the Next Digital World, the EIP workshop will be a journey of process improvement with an overview of EIP and network upgrade in Ethereum.

📅 Workshop Date: 10/1 (Thursday) at 10 AM EST / 10 PM SGT / 4 PM CET; 20 mins presentation and 15 mins Q&A.

🎙️ Mentor: Pooja Ranjan from Ethereum Cat Herders


Workshop overview: From the early stages of development, Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) are the core component for continuous growth. This workshop aims to familiarize the present and proposed changes to the EIP and network upgrade process to new contributors of the ecosystem.

About Pooja Ranjan: Working towards creating awareness and promotion of Ethereum for several years with EtherWorld, she is the proud Herder-in-chief of Ethereum Cat Herders, helping the Ethereum community with decentralized project management.

About Ethereum Cat Herders: Decentralizing Ethereum project management, aiming to bring the minimum amount of order that chaos needs to move Ethereum forward.

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