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Tired of creating a simple Sign In form for your React or NextJs project

Are you really tired of creating simple login pages and sign up pages? They add time, while you trying to have some slack on your project. Must have argue why isn't no package that could solve just that.

Well, even I hate reproducing the same development for similar project all CTRL + C and CTRL + V some (⌘) + C and (⌘) + V, after it is logic design and testing for the page. Not all time this is necessary.

💡Why not have a component that is flexible, adaptation and customizable enough to be used as a sign in or sign up component?

That's when a 👻 appeared, and wrote such package.


It also have a cli package for easier use, eliminating the manual set:


On that note

It is important to use the CLI at the root of your project, but hiding logic will automatically search for your package.json and install auth-em-form for you and prompt for your component

Since it is fully flexible, when using signUp action, no need to encrypt your password if you need to buy yourself, Just enable encryptPassword, your password will be encrypted and you can add the number of salt rounds for encryption level.

There's more to the component, like integrating an external element .e.g. MUI input.

Easier integrations for your social login platforms, Enable socialLoginEnabled then you may start to configure the socials.

All documentation is provided at


And for the cli:


Overtime, more features and information will be available.

The 👻 hopes to do more. Don't forget to comment, like and share and find any issue reach out to our GitHub and create an issue from there.

🌃 Out.

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