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Top 5 Post Grid Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Displaying content in an interesting way to your visitors is essential for increased engagement and conversion rates. If the navigational structure of your website forces your visitors to scroll too far to find the content they are looking for, chances are they will leave your website the right way.

Have you been looking for useful and functionality-rich post grid plugins for a while?

Are you overwhelmed by too many choices of post grid plugins?
The good news is that if you spend just a little bit of time and analyse the features each of them offers, you can make the right decision.

Here’s a list of the best post grid plugins for you.

1) Trending Post Slider and Widget

What’s more enticing than displaying trending and featured posts by making optimum use of multiple layouts and designs?

This incredible Post grid WordPress Plugin offers 20 designs with grid and grid box layouts.

You can display featured posts on your website and since it supports as many as 6 widgets, it deserves to be your ‘go-to’ plugin.

Below are listed some more features of this plugin.


  • 4 layouts with more than 20 designs
  • Grid and slider layouts for more design options
  • Easy integration with your favorite page-builders including WPbakery, SiteOrigin, Gutenberg, Beaver and many others.
  • Robust shortcode builders
  • Compatibility with all the latest versions of WordPress

2) Post Category Image with Grid and Slider

Looking for a WordPress Post Category plugin? Post Category Image with Grid and Slider certainly deserves a mention here. Upload category images and display them in grid and slider form with sheer ease.

It comes loaded with 10 phenomenally beautiful designs. This plugin demonstrates excellent compatibility with all WordPress versions and you can choose post category or custom category.

There are immense customization possibilities and tweaking sliders your way isn’t a herculean task with this post grid plugin.


  • Feature rich and highly customizable
  • Shortcode builder to display content on any page or section
  • Hide or show title
  • Hide or show count
  • Slider autoplay on/off and speed interval adjustment
  • Responsive and touch based sliders

3) Featured Post Creative

You can enhance the potential of your WordPress website by using an advanced featured post plugin. Owing to its capabilities, Featured Post Creative has made a name for itself.

This advanced WordPress Featured Post plugin allows you to showcase featured posts on your website in just a few clicks by using robust shortcodes. There are 4 layouts and more than 20 designs to pick from.


  • Seamless integration with your trusted and favorite page builders such as Beaver, Elementor, VC Composer, Gutenberg and SiteOrigin
  • Compatibility with other plugins for a hassle-free web development experience
  • Adjust image height with ease
  • Widgets in different layouts such as slider, vertical scroll and blocks
  • RTL support
  • Turn slider autoplay on or off and adjust speed interval

4) Post Grid and Filter Ultimate

Post Grid and Filter Ultimate is a superlative and one of the Best Post Grid WordPress Plugins out there. This plugin offers 2 layouts and more than 10 designs for post grid and filter. It enables the user to change the post order by simply dragging and dropping. It is found compatible with all the latest, major and popular WordPress themes.

The modal pop-up option with custom animation effects also enhances the appearance of your posts with utmost ease. Below are listed some more features of this stunning plugin.


  • Seamless integration with top themes such as DIVI and AVADA
  • Easy to integrate with your favorite page builders such as Composer, Beaver, VC Composer and Elementor to name a few
  • Feature-rich and customizable
  • Robust and easy-to-use shortcodes builder
  • Hide or display date, author and content

5) The Post Grid

This free WordPress plugin brings to you ample opportunities and displays posts and pages in the form of a grid. You can easily create custom grids and have access to some of the amazing filtering tools that put you in control of how the content will be displayed. From choosing the number of grid columns, to enabling or disabling pagination, there is a lot you can do by simply using shortcodes.

Simply enhance the functionality of your WordPress website and increase visitor engagement by using this plugin.

Features of The Post Grid:

  • Display your grid anywhere on the website
  • Easy-to-use shortcodes
  • Easily set the number of pages or posts in grid layout
  • Many other features

Final Thoughts:

The online landscape is full of zillions of post grid plugins and you will find both free and premium plugins quite easily. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can make a choice and enhance the functionality and appearance of your WordPress website.

Hope the post made for a good read. For more information related to post grid WordPress Plugins, feel free to get in touch with us.

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