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Top 5 Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Do you know WordPress has 58,000+ plugins?

WordPress offers your website extreme accessibility and customization with the help of plugins. These plugins help your online WordPress website to become more versatile.

Let’s talk about the most popular WordPress Plugins and widgets that make your website more happening.

Website owners generally search for plugins that can enhance their website’s SEO, Speed, and Security. Most of the plugins talk about these elements. But, yes, you need a WordPress bundle pack to extend your website’s possibilities.

Here we go!

Top 5 Popular WordPress Plugins

We have a common motto with our website, i.e., growing the business. The search for plugins becomes a must when you wish to do many things to your website to make it more viable and exciting for your visitors. These most popular plugins help you enhance the extendibility of your website.

1. Essential Bundle

When you want the best for your website, for sure, a single plugin won’t work. Like we opt for combos when we wish to have a full-platter benefit, we need to go for a bundle pack of plugins for experiencing more with your WordPress website.

Essential Bundle plugin is an ultimate bundle designed by WP OnlineSupport. It consists of a critical front-end utility plugin, marketing tools, sliderspack, exciting blog themes, and website templates. The website owner can get multiple benefits by investing in a single bundle pack. Indeed, it is one of the best WordPress plugins to get your website fixed with all the utility plugins, including news, slick sliders, logo showcase, blog and widgets, portfolio and projects, album and gallery, etc.

Wondering how many sites you can install and use the essential bundle plugin? Well, there are two plans offered by WP OnlineSupport. In the first pack, you can use the essential bundle plugin for up to 5 websites, whereas the second option allows the users to use up to 50 sites.

2. Yoast SEO

SEO is incomplete without Yoast. I guess it is impossible to find a WordPress website that has not installed Yoast so far. It helps with perfect SEO parameters and guides the website owner with the website’s SEO friendliness meter. The plugin is built by Team Yoast and is available for download on both free and paid versions.

Ranking better in search engines is a must for websites. As a website owner, you may wish to have the best SEO parameters set to enhance your web page’s visibility or blogs. The Yoast SEO plugin builds your website’s SEO by giving correct suggestions to the content editor.

3. WP Rocket

What makes a website owner upset frequently is the slow loading speed of the website. WP Rocket is one of the popular caching plugins that help in improving the speed of websites. For sure, you will be worried about the technical skills, but it is not required when you have WP Rocket installed on your WordPress.

The popular caching plugin was developed by two website developers some eight years ago. It is still having great demand amongst the website owners for effortlessly increasing the website’s performance. When we talk about the best WordPress plugins, we shouldn’t miss talking about them!

4. WP News and Scrolling Widgets

With more than 20K active installs, WP news and scrolling widgets
is a beautiful and customizable news slider widget. Your website can display all the essential news and happenings around the globe using this WordPress plugin.

The website owner can choose from 100+ readymade designs and 7 unique layouts while setting the news slider on their website. Well, for sure, it helps in increasing your website’s session time by helping the readers to stay a little longer. Overall, such most popular WordPress plugins help to increase the engagement of your website.

5. Blog Designer Post and Widget

Do you wish to display the different blog posts on your website? For helping your blogs with enhanced visibility, it becomes essential to get a widget that helps display all your website’s blog posts with different designs and sliders.

Blog Designer Post and Widget is the most popular plugin for enhancing your blog’s visibility. Developed by WP OnlineSupport, the plugin has got great reviews to read. Above all, no technical expertise is required to make your blogs popular. All you need to do is download this plugin and add a shortcode for displaying it on your website.

Let me revise it for you!

WordPress is one of the most exciting website development platforms. It is pretty popular and engaging too. Suppose you have a WordPress website and are looking forward to enhancing its utility, including SEO, speed, and engagement. In that case, you can download any of these top five most popular WordPress plugins.

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