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Kelsey Byrne for eSpecialty Insurance

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OK, I think I need insurance as a technology professional. Now what?

What Coverages Are Recommended?

Developers and users of technology will need Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance tailored to their specific services, along with Cyber Insurance. Insurers have created a range of Technology E&O products for various types of organizations, and many insurers have added Cyber Insurance to Technology E&O policies.

In addition to Specialty Insurance, all organizations should include most or all Standard Insurance coverages to be protected. Working with an insurance advisor who has experience in evaluating unique risks can help you determine which insurance coverages are most appropriate for your organization’s unique risk profile.

How Do I Get Insurance?

eSpecialty Insurance is your specialty insurance expert. We have developed a streamlined marketplace to provide multiple proposals from a range of competitive insurers, along with expertise to help you evaluate your exposures and choose the best combination of comprehensive coverage and price. We look forward to working with you.

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