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ZSH cheatsheet for git plugin

equiman profile image Camilo Martinez ・3 min read

Git is one of the most used plugins in oh-my-zsh for adding quick and short aliases.

There are a lot of them and can be overwhelming and they can be listed using the alias | grep git command. But day to day we only are going to use a shortlist of them.

That's why I created a short version cheatsheet with a graph interpretation for better comprehension.



Alias Command Description
g init git init Initialize a local Git repository
g clone git clone <path> Create a local copy of a remote repository

But sincerely, I prefer to use my own cake or cape command for cloning.


Alias Command Description
gst git status Check status
gaa git add --all Add all new and changed files to the staging area
grh git reset Removes all files from staging area
ga <file> git add <file> Add a file to the staging area
gru <file> git reset -- <file> Remove a file from staging area
gcmsg "<message>" git commit -m "<message>" Commit changes with message description
gcam git commit -a -m "<message>" Add all new files and commit changes with message description.


Alias Command Description
gsta -m <name> git stash push -m <name> Create stash with name
gstall -m <name> git stash --all -m <name> Create stash with all files, including untracked and ignored files with name
gstl git stash list List down all your stashes
gstaa stash@{n} git stash apply stash@{n} To apply a stash and keep it in the stash stack
gstp stash@{n} git stash pop stash@{n} To apply a stash and remove it from the stash stack
gstd git stash drop Remove a single stash entry from the list of stash entries
gstc git stash clear Remove all stashed entries


Alias Command Description
gb git branch List branches (the asterisk denotes the current branch)
gba git branch -a List all branches (local and remote)
gb <branch-name> git branch <branch-name> Create new branch
gbd <branch-name> git branch -d <branch-name> Delete a branch
gcb <branch-name> git checkout -b <branch-name> Create a new branch and switch to it
gco <branch-name> git checkout <branch-name> Switch to a branch
gco - git checkout - Switch to previous branch


Alias Command Description
gra origin <path> git remote add origin <path> Add a remote repository
grset origin <path> git remote set-url origin <path> Set remote repository
gf git fetch Gets status of 'origin'. Does not change your working directory or local repository
gf <repo> <branch-name> git fetch <repo> <branch-name> Get status of remote on
gfa git fetch --all --prune Fetch all remote branches, delete branch if upstream is gone
gl git pull Incorporates changes from 'origin' into local repo
gl <repo> <branch-name> git pull <repo> <branch-name> Incorporates changes from remote on into local repo
gp git push Incorporates changes from local repo into 'origin'
gpsup git push --set-upstream origin <currentbranch> Set upstream current branch
gp <repo> <branch-name> git push <repo> <branch> Incorporates changes from local repo into remote on
gp -d <remote> <branch> git push -d <remote> <branch> Delete remote branch


Alias Command Description
gd <source-branch> <target-branch> git diff <source-branch> <target-branch> Preview changes before merging
gm <branch-name> git merge <branch-name> Merge a branch into the active branch
gm <source-branch> <target-branch> git merge <source-branch> <target-branch> Merge a branch into a target branch
glog git log --oneline --decorate --graph View changes

That’s All Folks!
Happy Coding 🖖

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Ben Sinclair

You're talking about plugins for oh-my-zsh, right, not for zsh itself?

I honestly find all these aliases way harder to remember than the commands themselves.

equiman profile image
Camilo Martinez Author

Yeah right! for oh-my-zsh. I've updated the information to be more specific.

I used to have the same problem once I started using it I forgot the long command way. The problem is when I use another computer without the plugin 😅. That's why I also added the complete command.