What’s the better way to use PC Keyboard on macOS?

Camilo Martinez on September 23, 2018

I have been working all my life on PC/Linux, now I’m working with macOS due Xcode dependency for iPhone compilation. At begin it’s really hard swi... [Read Full]
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That's why I love Dev community. I have tested with Ukelele but it's complicated, now
I know about Karabiner and works like a charm.

Thanks @rhymes and @titonobre !

Post updated with Karabiner configuration.


Everyone (in EU), who accidentally purchased a Macbook with the obnoxious US-Intl keyboard quickly finds out about Karabiner... at least it took me only 3h to find it and relieve the pain...

It was either this or $1000 to replace the keyboard, trackpad and upper panel (apparently they go together).. that was for the late 2012 model...


I just don`t understand shortcut on macos, in PC (win / linux) they are so much instinctive. Ctrl = command in application scope, Alt = command in System scop. At macos the keys make a mess to do something, combine two keys to do what only two are capible to do on PC.

One month using macos and i don`t make that work well yet.


I have no doubt you write this post for me!! I have the same keyborad and mac you have; and came from the same PC/linux env kkkk
I would never consider removing the keys like that !!
Thank you dude


You welcome. There are more like us out there... jajajaja.

Did you know that on login, Bloq Num key can turn on or off the screen?


I started to do this with my keyboard but then I switched to Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard which has keys with different shapes.

After this I took some time to map all the necessary keys with Karabiner to the correct layout.
Since I had to rewire the brain to work with the split keyboard I just don't look at the keys.

As a bonus: no more keyboard hijacking from colleagues.


Ahahah love the hack. I didn't hack my Microsoft keyboard, just remapped the keys with Karabiner


This is exactly what I do with my "PC" mechanical keyboard when I use it with my Mac.

I also go super petty and take a Sharpie to the Windows logo on the key.

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