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I see on profiles settings a Mentorship section. I think it's a great idea but I can't find an option to search mentors? Is there something like this that I'm missing?

For example I would like interchange mentorship speaking my native language Spanish and at same time have a mentor to practice speaking English.

It will be cool have some kind of calendar with events/topics availability where people can schedule this meetings inside as part of the site.

I know gamification it's not included inside the philosophy of but it will be good know the amount of mentorships and hours that an user has inverted in others. It will be good show this metrics on your Resume (Curriculum Vitae).

A tool like this, can give us more attention, visits and can be a big community help.

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I had no idea about mentorship here in Like you, I also want to help someone in exchange for English practice, but I'm interested in giving my mentoring in English exclusively and ask for feedback about my English proficiency and my mistakes. By the way, I'm also from Medellín.


I'm actually curious about how all of this works. I just see it around the settings page without really knowing how "Mentorship" works. Is it a remote mentorship through video calls or the like? Does it require a physical meetup? Or is it just an exchange of messages using Connect? And how does one become eligible to become a mentor? I'm honestly interested in becoming a mentor myself when the school year ends (when I have a lot of free time on my hands).


I'll let the people who organize this say what is going on for reals.

The mentorship concept in is an idea being piloted. Some time ago there was an announcement about the new feature to say you want to mentor or be mentored. Then the organizers paired everyone off.

I am currently mentoring someone through that process.

I don't know what future plans are or how the program will expand.


It looks like a mentor is just matched up to a mentee and they are both contacted via email. Not sure if there are any other outward signs that someone is a mentor.


haha, it looks like I just got matched with you!

Several months ago I was matched to mentor someone else. I just met them on Google-hangout today. I was even surprised I could at my skill level.


Don't worry about your skill, all we are here to learn.

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