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Ekemini Samuel
Ekemini Samuel

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Ekemini's Tech Journey

The cover photo is me, speaking about Technical writing at a tech event.

Its been 512 days, 12,288 hours, 737,280 minutes, and 44,236,800 seconds since I published this article.

Yes, there has been progress. Hit the mark yet? No. But one step at a time, consistently, I will get there.

Doing some reflection and review, I did not make the best choices over the years. Particularly (2017 -2022).

  1. Not being Consistent
  2. Doing many things - no Focus
  3. Community? Did not engage
  4. Socials? No, was trying to learn on my own

We all know popular sayings like: "Learn from the past and move on."
Yes I try to practice it too.

The past 9 months, I have been trying to invert the 4 things I mentioned above. Doing what is needed.

You might be wondering what inspired this, it's not the regular tech article.

As I write this, I'm at a point where I made some decisions.

After studying Chemical engineering in the university for over 5 years, I decided to switch.

Here on out, I will be focusing on two things:

  • Go Backend development
  • Technical writing

One thing I've realised from my journey so far is this:

There comes a time you got to make some decisions, the path forward might not be so clear, but putting one step forward it lights up along the way. When do you take action? If not today, when?

Thank you for reading. I will be updating.

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