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Ekemini Samuel
Ekemini Samuel

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Why I Chose Tech

In 2015, I graduated from high school, next thing was to apply and hope to get into university. I wrote the first JAMB and applied for admission, then there was still POST UTME, went for the test, but didn’t meet up the cut-off mark.

2016, I took another JAMB, this time for a different school, I got the admission but had to defer to the next year (postpone the admission).

2017, while waiting to begin college, I registered as an apprentice to learn computer hardware repairs. Growing up, my Dad had introduced me to computers and I got interested at an early age.

Started learning PC repairs in February, and I loved it! By June/July I had gotten the hang of it and kept on with it throughout the year.

January 2018, I began university to study Chemical engineering.

🚶 Backstory: I'd wanted to study Computer engineering, but I yielded to peer pressure, as it seemed Chemical engineering was a big course, now I know better.

In my first semester, 100L - I'd already thought of switching to another department - Computer Science, but didn’t. Told myself, I'll try and continue with the course I was studying.

At this time, I became known for repairing laptops, installing software, and formatting... so it became my side hustle. 😎

Later that year, I got interested in coding and tried to learn HTML with Sololearn. Although my first time researching about programming was in 2016, my Mom had told me there was this stuff some guys were talking about in her office - Python

So I kept on with Sololearn but wasn’t serious with it, tried it once in a while.

2019, 200L in university - I continued with Chemical engineering and my side hustle. I practised coding maybe once in 5 months or so.

2020 - During the lockdown period, began learning Python on my phone, didn’t have a PC then. Heard about Go later in the year, got interested and also started learning.
I still was not consistent with it.

2021, resumed school and paused coding. Around December, I started an internship at an LPG plant, still chemical engineering related.

If you've observed the patterns along the years, I was not entirely focused on one thing, going back and forth. Deep down, I knew I did not want to continue with Chemical engineering, it wasn’t making sense to me. But I was afraid, to make that bold step and quit. Yes, we all hear, don't give up, but sometimes, there are things you need to quit, so you go all in on another.

2022, the internship continued till Q3. It was a great experience, I learnt important lessons from it.

Amid the IT, I made out some time to learn Go, then I began writing about what I was learning. Read my first article here, and the second here.

Before then, I knew about Technical writing and even recommended it to a friend. But I had not started it at that time.

Q4 2022, I talked with myself, and did some reflection on the patterns throughout the years, being inconsistent, not focused on one thing, and wasn't active in tech communities. I believed I was interested in tech, I saw it as something I would commit to, as a career path.

During this time, I was at a low point, if things had to change for good, my actions needed to change in the right direction. For me, that direction was just taking one step at a time.

I began researching extensively, I needed something I could start doing. I tried applying for remote internships and got many rejection emails. I did Data labelling and writing tasks on some platforms.

2023, the rebirth. In January, I switched from chemical engineering and went all in on what I wanted to do - Tech.

To answer the question from the title of this article, I chose Tech because it's a path I resonate with. Yes, that's it, simple!

I like music, the process of creating beats and rhythms. I play drums and later on, will go into music production, maybe as a hobby.

At the moment, I got into Tech 6 years ago, although the first year was majorly hardware tech.
However, it's been 9 months of being consistent, and taking one step at a time. I'm grateful for the progress I've made, got to meet amazing people.

And also contributing to great projects like BuildHubb and Depths.

One of the highlights so far was speaking at a tech event on Technical Writing. ✨ See some jpegs.

As I mentioned in this article, I'm focused on Go backend development and Technical writing.

This is my story, it's a journey, taking one step at a time, consistently.

There’s this quote by Robert Frost that I like:

Two roads diverged in the woods, and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.

My advice to myself in 2018 would be:

Ekemini, you know what you want, be focused, and consistent with it. Even though it's not all laid out, one step at a time, you'll find your way.

Cheers! 🥂 Thanks for reading till the end.

thank you

I will be updating this article.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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seif_sekalala_81e09fe6b9e profile image
Seif Sekalala

@envitab: As someone that’s slowly getting to know you better and better—as a new friend and colleague, I can vouch for you, and I can assure you: you made the right choice! You’re a whiz kid—so smart, yet so humble!

To boot, you’re a very good writer.
(Tongue-in-Cheek Side Note: And who knows, a professional writer might agree with that compliment! 😂)

“You have a bright path ahead of you,” good sir! You’ll see. 😊🙏

envitab profile image
Ekemini Samuel

Thanks a lot Seif, for your kind words and support!

I really appreciate. 💯