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Posted on fuels Middle East Digital Transformation with New Dubai Office Opening (formally known as, the platform that lets anyone build apps and software without knowing how to code, announced that it has responded to the massive potential for digital disruption in the Middle East by opening a new office location in Dubai. is now in an optimal position to help its customers in the region easily and cost-effectively develop their software ideas and go to market sooner with its human-assisted AI. This move underscores’s rapid international growth, now operating in five locations including London, Los Angeles, Delhi, Tokyo and Dubai, with 275 employees around the world.

Mr. Sachin Dev Duggal, co-founder and CEO of, said, “Our research shows that there are a lot of up and coming businesses in the Middle East that want to elevate their digital footprint to better serve their existing customers and expand their base internationally.

In fact, the cross-border data flow connecting the Middle East to the other countries around the world has increased by a multiple of 150 in the past decade. This region has been an under served market and is ready for a platform that can digitally amplify its businesses. There is a massive opportunity for in the Middle East to support and inspire startups to build their digital ideas.”

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