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Andrzej Mazur
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Enclave Games Monthly Report: February 2024

Solid work done in February: from releasing a Badlucky t-shirt, joining WebDX group, publishing Gamedev.js Survey results on GitHub, to writing a bunch of news here and there.


Nope, even though it was suppose to be THIS TIME that I finally do something. Hopefully I’ll have better info next month.


I actually started catching up with and wrote a bunch of short news I wanted to publish for some time now. The very first about JSDay tickets went out a few days ago, and now I have all the topics for March planned, three pieces each week, with about half of them already written and ready to be published.

Unravel Two

I also continued to publish on with 13 news posts in February, and on TataDeveloper with three posts, including one where we played Unravel Two with my daughter.


Ewa designed the Badlucky t-shirt that landed in our js13kGames Shop.


I’ve started announcing Gamedev.js Jam 2024 Partners, with GitHub and OP Games logos already out. A lot of time was spent on reaching out and negotiating with potential sponsors, so more announcements should be out in the next few days. I’ll also begin publishing the prizes soon.

WebDX meetup

I was convinced to join WebDX Community Group managing surveys and Developer Experience in general, given the report of Gamedev.js Survey touched that as well. All the raw results from previous years landed on GitHub a few days later - this got picked up by MishManners and added to the recent GitHub Community Roundup.

js13kGames t-shirts

The js13kNewsletter was sent out. It had only two items, FireDev episodes and new T-shirts, but still it’s better to be up-to-date than wait till the list of new items hits double digits (yes, that was the case for the previous issue).


I focused on reviewing my main TODO list and reducing it from taking three screens to only one. Still a lot, but feels like I have more control over it now.

I keep sending (well, technically, preparing the drafts of) Phaser World newsletters, same as Gamedev.js Weekly ones (which I usually don’t mention, even though that’s an ongoing effort being done every single week since January 2014).

Gamedev.js Survey on GitHub

I’ve submitted a few lenghty forms to some interesting grants, although I don’t expect much out of that. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.

Our office hardware got upgraded: we have a new Epson printer (L365 to L3521, after 9 years) and I got myself a new iPhone (7 Plus to 15 Pro, after 8 years). As you can see we try to squeeze as much as possible from what we have - my latest MacBook upgrade was done in 2021, after 8 years of using the previous one.

Plans for the next month

I do hope to finally code some JavaScript, but I wouldn’t bet on that much. I will be preparing the upcoming Gamedev.js Jam 2024 happening April 13th-26th for sure though.

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