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Web dev, voice actor, and water enthusiast. Explaining the complicated bits of JS.
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Heyo! I like to write about seemingly difficult coding topics. This blog is specifically focused on JavaScript.

There are some posts, however, that I don't end up writing. Not for lack of experience with the topic, but simply because they've been written much better than I could ever write them.

The main problem with this is that my audience might not ever read these posts because they're unaware of them. In order to remedy that (and because I haven't written much in a while), I created this post.

note: The ordering of people is arbitrary

Tan Li Hau

Fascinating articles on compilers, parsing, code-splitting, and bundlers.

Some of my favorite articles:

Cliff L. Biffle

More recently, Cliffle's blog has been about Rust and Wasm. This is the one non-JS blogger, but I'm including him here because of how much I value his posts.

Some of my favorite articles:

Keith Cirkel

While he hasn't written much as of late, his 2015-2016 articles on ES6 are still useful today.

Some of my favorite articles:

Tom Dale

His articles are often linked to, and for good reason! He only has a few articles and they're fairly general, but all a good read.

Some of my favorite articles:

Dan Abramov

Dan is probably the most well known of the bunch. He works on react and blogs about it too, in addition to reflections of general dev "best" practices and stereotypes.

Some of my favorite articles:

Allen Wirfs-Brock

TC39 member and programming language expert. Most of his JS posts are rather old, but still just as fascinating. He delves deep into some areas that you wouldn't think relevant.

Some of my favorite articles:


Do you have some others that you particularly like? Drop a comment to let others know!

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