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Does a blog site that is statically rendered need JavaScript?

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JoelBonetR πŸ₯‡ • Edited

I saw that #node tag so If it's generated on the server and it's coded to run in Node it does πŸ˜…

Apart from that, the fact that you render a view using Static Generation (SSG) has nothing to do with the ability of that view to interact with customers.

I.e. You can use SSG to deliver a view with a form, and this form can have validations, some feedback and so, all of which can be provided statically and it will probably involve JS in some way.

So answering your question, does it need JavaScript?

  • Short answer: No.
  • Long answer: Probably yes, it just depends on the needs of the site.
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sharath mohan

Most probably the blog site does not have a dynamic nature, you can build the site using any Static Site Generators and deplot it on a CDN, that would be an easy method