What Does Your IDE/Code Editor Look Like?

Emma Bostian ✨ on August 14, 2019

I have FINALLY gotten my code editor to be my ideal setup. But now I'm curious, what does your code editor/IDE look like? Editor I'm ... [Read Full]
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Editor: Neovim
Font: Fira Code
Theme: Nord
Terminal: kitty
Shell: fish



pretty much the same as me!
mine is:

Editor: Neovim
Font: Heavily-Modified-Using-Glyph.App-Ligaturized-Font
Theme: Gruvbox
Terminal: kitty
Shell: fish


on mac here


Gruvbox is the best thing ever, am I rigth?

Yes! I discovered it for VSCode at first, then noticed I can make my kitty and nvim to use it.

Calming colors!


Hey would u mind share with me your exp with ligaturized-font. It's the font the put free-font glyph in any other font right ?

I used glyphsapp.com to edit specific characters (for instance, the italicized "s") or rearrange the unicode char to be used as normal char.
And then, I converted it to be ligature with github.com/ToxicFrog/

hope that explains!


I love fish, but I swapped off of it when I started writing more documentation because I needed my examples to be backward compatible with bash. 😭


You can always use the bass fisher plugin if you want bash compatibility. That way you can run bash scripts with bass script.sh

It's what I do to get fish to play nice with /etc/profile


This wallpaper is the best! 😍


Pretty much the same, but I'm on Mac so iTerm is the terminal and shell is zsh


I love your wallpaper there, care to share?


I forgot to mention the use of the Peacock extension from John Papa. dev.to/john_papa/peacock---choose-...


Lovely theme (and on a side note, I'm just realising that you can view and work from the terminal directly from VSCode. So helpful)


Thanks. yes, the built in terminal is great!




My editor

  • VS Code (although I sometimes open Vim in the integrated terminal #yolo)
  • Fira Code
  • An Old Hope Theme
  • Zsh (although Bash and Powershell are pretty consistently in the rotation)
  • I have very strong love for ligatures

Also, I keep the Panda theme in rotation too!

Panda theme


do you actually like powershell, or do you just use it because windows?


I think it’s a neat idea! It puts object oriented programming into the command line, which is cool. I’m usually more quick/productive in Bash-y environments, but I enjoy powershell. It’s a gazillion times better than windows older command line environment.

For me it takes the worst parts of a shell and a scripting language and combines them on top of some .net layer

I've written a bunch of scripts at work and I still despise it

I wrote this post about it! I don’t know if it helps you, but it explains a bit better why I like it 😁

If you are stuck in a corporate windows build without a linux subsystem you can run Git Bash as the VS Code terminal dev.to/simbo1905/how-to-integrate-...


Hi, are you using Windows? If yes, how did you manage to install zsh? Thanks in advance :)


If you’re on Windows 10, you can install Windows Subsystem Linux which is like a little mini Ubuntu or Debian (or some others) that live inside your windows install and play nicely. Vs code has a remote sessions extension that lets you use vs code as if you were inside that mini Linux, but with your Windows file system. It’s pretty great. If this isn’t quite enough detail, shoot me a DM here on DEV and I can help you get it set up! 😁

Oh thank you, got it! I’ll try in the following days and in case I have problems I’ll DM you! Thank you very much :)


How did you setup your terminal like that. Would love to do mine as well


Hi bro... i'm using Powerline for fish.. you can check this out here.. if you using windows, then install WSL first.



Single screen:

My current setup:

Configuration and plugins:

My .vimrc as requsted, not a pretty site :)

"| " general |
set exrc
set secure
set t_Co:256
set tabstop=8
set softtabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set nocursorline
"set noexpandtab
set expandtab
set number
"set foldmethod=syntax
"set foldlevel=99
set nofoldenable
set nowrap
"set viminfo^=%
syntax on
"set paste
highlight clear SignColumn
"set hidden (enable switching from changed buffer)
set hidden
set backupcopy=yes
set sessionoptions-=options
runtime! ftplugin/man.vim
let g:netrw_liststyle=0
execute pathogen#infect()

"| windows |
function! WinMove(key)
  let t:curwin = winnr()
  exec "wincmd ".a:key
  if (t:curwin == winnr()) "we havent moved
    if (match(a:key,'[jk]')) "were we going up/down
      wincmd v
      wincmd s
    exec "wincmd ".a:key
map <leader>h :call WinMove('h')<cr>
map <leader>k :call WinMove('k')<cr>
map <leader>l :call WinMove('l')<cr>
map <leader>j :call WinMove('j')<cr>
map <leader>wc :wincmd q<cr>
map <leader>wr <C-W>r
nmap <leader><left>  :3wincmd <<cr>
nmap <leader><right> :3wincmd ><cr>
nmap <leader><up>    :3wincmd +<cr>
nmap <leader><down>  :3wincmd -<cr>

"| shortcuts |
" plugins
map <F9> :UndotreeToggle<CR>
map <F8> :TagbarToggle<CR>
autocmd FileType c,cpp nnoremap <buffer><Leader>cf :<C-u>ClangFormat<CR>
" buffers
nnoremap <silent> <F12> :bnext<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <F11> :bprevious<CR>
nnoremap <F5> :CtrlPBuffer<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>q :Bdelete<CR>
" tabs
nnoremap <Leader>tc :tabclose<cr>
nnoremap <Leader>ts :tab split<cr>
" man
nnoremap K :Man <cword><CR>
" copy/paste
noremap <Leader>y "*y
noremap <Leader>p "+p

"| airline |
set laststatus:2
set ttimeoutlen:50
set encoding:utf-8
"let g:airline#extensions#tabline#enabled = 1
"let g:airline#extensions#tabline#fnamemod = ':t'
let g:airline#extensions#capslock#enabled = 1

let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1
if !exists('g:airline_symbols')
    let g:airline_symbols = {}

"| syntastic |
let g:syntastic_cpp_remove_include_errors = 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
let g:syntastic_cpp_check_header = 0
let g:syntastic_cpp_auto_refresh_includes = 1
let g:syntastic_mode_map={"mode":"active", "active_filetypes": [], "passive_filetypes": ["c","cpp"]}

"| Ale |
let g:ale_linters = {
\   'javascript': ['eslint', 'flow-language-server']
let g:ale_fixers = {
\   'javascript': ['eslint']
let g:ale_completion_enabled = 1
let g:ale_statusline_format = ['X %d', '? %d', '']
let g:ale_echo_msg_format = '%linter% says %s'
let g:ale_linters_explicit = 1
set completeopt=menu,menuone,preview,noselect,noinsert
map <F7> <Plug>(ale_fix)

"| ultisnips |
let g:UltiSnipsExpandTrigger="<c-j>"
let g:UltiSnipsJumpForwardTrigger="<c-j>"
let g:UltiSnipsJumpBackwardTrigger="<c-k>"

"| ycm |
let g:ycm_add_preview_to_completeopt = 1
let g:ycm_autoclose_preview_window_after_completion = 0
let g:ycm_autoclose_preview_window_after_insertion = 1
"let g:loaded_youcompleteme = 1
let g:ycm_register_as_syntastic_checker = 0
let g:ycm_collect_identifiers_from_tags_files = 0
let g:ycm_auto_trigger = 1
let g:ycm_warning_symbol = 'WW'
let g:ycm_error_symbol = 'EE'

"| javascript  |
let g:jsx_ext_required = 0
let g:javascript_plugin_flow = 1
let g:ctrlp_regexp = 1
let g:ctrlp_extensions = ['tag']
let g:ctrlp_custom_ignore = {
  \ 'dir':  '\.git$\|\.yardoc\|node_modules\|log\|tmp$',
  \ 'file': '\.so$\|\.dat$|\.DS_Store$'
let g:ctrlp_root_markers = ['.project_root']
let g:gutentags_project_root = ['.project_root']

"| "colors |
"let g:solarized_termtrans=1
"let g:solarized_termcolors=256
set background=dark
colorscheme gruvbox
highlight Normal ctermbg=None

And finally the list of plugins I use (using Pathogen)


  • ale
  • auto-pairs
  • bbye
  • ctrlp.vim
  • emmet-vim
  • nerdcommenter
  • promptline.vim
  • tagbar
  • tlib_vim
  • ultisnips
  • undotree
  • vim-addon-mw-utils
  • vim-airline
  • vim-clang-format
  • vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight
  • vim-gitgutter
  • vim-gutentags
  • vim-javascript
  • vim-jsdoc
  • vim-jsx
  • vim-react-snippets
  • vim-snippets
  • vim-toml
  • YouCompleteMe

Hi Damir,

vim forever!

Are you able to configure vim on the framebuffer?
I really recommend it - you can have bold, italic, more colors.
I will share my vim screenshot in the general discussion to see...


Please do, thnx 👍

Now you know why my username is vimmer 😄

I did not know how to make screenshot on the framebuffer, but I just succeed to make one and posted it, sorry for the delay.

Nice to meet you, vimmer :)


Hi Emma 👋,

I use Spacemacs which is basically Vim on Emacs! I use the default theme most of the time. I worked on my own theme that was easier on my eyes, but I sort of abandoned that project. It might be something I revisit soon.

Screenshot of Spacemacs!

In my terminal, I use iTerm2 with OhMyZsh and a private fork of Thoughtbot's dotfiles. It looks something like this:

Screenshot of git in my terminal!


wow, emacs + vim, gotta try it out


Editor: VsCode
Font: Hack
Theme: Slack Theme Aubergine Dark
Terminal: VsCode terminal

  • extension list on the right

gand988 vscode


I had to flip my phone to find the extensions


Here's my VS Code Setup.

It's a little out of date as I use zsh for my shell now, Dank Mono for font and Night Owl is my go to theme these days, but the rest is pretty much the same.

My VS Code Setup


Ohhh great topic Emma!

This is my setup:

More details here 👇

GitHub logo maxpou / dotfiles

💻 my dotfiles (Ubuntu&MacOS)


This setup is intended for:

  • 🐧 Ubuntu
  • 🐧 Unix Server (CLI/Bash only)
  • 🍎 MacOS

Special thanks to whoever I stole it from 😘

Dotfiles installation

# Ubuntu / MacOS:
git clone https://github.com/maxpou/dotfiles.git --recursive
cd dotfiles && bin/install
# Unix server:
cd dotfiles && bin/install_server



Command Line Apps

  • Zsh
  • Oh My Zsh: A framework to manage Zsh configuration
  • Hub: a wrapper for Git command (Git+Hub=GitHub)
  • thefuck: corrects the previous console command
  • lighthouse (CLI): (require NPM) Auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for Progressive Web Apps
  • vtop (require NPM)
  • curl
  • Tree

Browser - Brave (main)

Extensions list for Google Chrome (and Canary):

  • VS Code
  • Fira Code
  • Material Theme Lighter (if I have a light over my head, like at my workplace) or Panda Syntax
  • OhMyZsh

Work setup:
Work setup

Home setup:
Home setup


I've given up looking for the best and am willing to accept adequate to be productive.

I find my most recent setup quite comfortable.

Gnome Terminal with Tango Dark theme and Deja Vu Sans Mono Book font.
Running Bash, tmux, and Vim.



Editor: SpaceVim
Font: Monaco for Powerline
Theme: Dracula
Terminal: deepin-terminal
Shell: fish
Multiplexer: tmux


Good evening, Emma!

Editor: VSCode
Font: Fira Code with iScript baked in for comments and whatnot
Theme: Cobalt2; previously I loved Dark Dracula for everything
Terminal: That's Fantasque Sans Mono font there
Shell: Powershell 6.1.1 with some oh-my-zsh inspiration

A screenshot of VSCode


Hi, how did you personalise powershell in that way? Thanks in advance :)


I found a couple of resources, starting with oh-my-posh by Jan De Dobbeleer. The powerline fonts I believe I grabbed from nerd-fonts, and I found some warp drive functionality from PoShWarp. Stitching it all together and getting the configuration right took only a couple of hours, likely because I changed things three or four times before settling. At the time, I wasn't all in on PowerShell, and this was just to deal with my WSL frustrations that have now been solved with the Remote - WSL extension. Hope that helps!

Thank you, I’ll try in a few days :)


Representing for the Blue themes!

Font: Fira Code

Theme: Code Blue

Terminal: Cmder


I once created my own font for programming, though it was bitmapped and only worked with pre-OSX Macs. I took the Courier (monospace) 9-point font and turned all the 1-pixel dots into 4-pixel dots. Colons and semicolons, periods and commas were very distinct. It was great!

For the past 25 years or so, I've used Emacs in the terminal (with the ion3 window manager, 2 pixels of purple border), but I'm trying to modernize and use Atom on Chromebooks instead. The standard dark theme.


As a code developer/maintainer in the nineties I used primarily GNU Emacs with occasional leaps "Just For Fun" into the BSD implementation of vi (or vim, if available).

Once I started spending more time with LinUx software I have used a wider variety of tools and editors including GNU Emacs, Vim, Geary, nano and others.

At work (prior to my 2018 retirement) I used UltraEdit and at least one other XML friendly editor that works on Windows. I believe it was Notepad++


Hey, I really want to see pictures. Your emacs and font


Editor: VS Code
Font: Fira Code iScript (cursives italics)
Theme: Pop N' Lock by Luxcium ✨
Terminal: iTerm2
Shell: ZSH (With TMUX and Powerlevel 9K Theme)

My Setup

I have created my own VSCode colour theme PopN’Lock Theme by Luxcium ✨ and I use ZSH with highly customized powerlevel 9k theme custom JS REPL

I have updated my color theme today look at the colourfull screen shoots

look at the new screenshots

Preview of the IDE with Pop N’ Lock Theme(v3.18)


Return type of functions higlighting(v3.18) Colorfull function return type highlight


red on writing side / blue on the reading side

Variable highlight(v3.18) Usefull variable highlight

Decorator support

Decorator support(v3.18) Typescript decorator support

Latest TypeScript / Javascript Grammar

Latest TypeScript

Promise functions highlight

When using Latest Typescipt Grammar

Promise functions highlight(v3.18) When using Latest Typescipt Grammar Promise dot all and promise resolve and catch highlight

Console highlight

When using Latest Typescipt Grammar

Console highlight(v3.18) When using Latest Typescipt Grammar support console.log / conso.error etc. highlight


System: Anarchy Linux (Arch-based)
Editor: NeoVim
Font: Hermit
Theme: Gruvbox (editor, terminal, and window manager :))
Terminal: XST (fork of Suckless' ST)
Shell: fish, stock setup with only a handful of functions and customization. 230 lines all told (including the prompt at ~90 lines, which I selected from a pre-made one). The beauty of fish is you don't need oh-my-fish or any plugin system, it's got everything already.
Dotfiles: git.sr.ht/~kungtotte/dotfiles

Screenshot of a Linux desktop with NeoVim running


Am working on a dotfiles at github.com/keyurgolani/dotfiles
Will add the config, plugins etc there soon.

PS: Dotfiles is not ready for consumption yet. Do not use the dotfiles yet without intention to debug through some issues while installation. It works perfect after installation though.



This is what I am using:
IDE: Intellij IDEA
Theme: One Dark
Font: Fira Code
Terminal: Oh-My-Zsh (powerlevel10k)



On my personal Linux laptop:

VSCode Editor Screenshot

Editor: VSCode
Font: Victor Mono
Theme: azure

Konsole Screenshot

Terminal: Konsole
Shell: fish

On my work Mac, it's the same editor/theme/font. I use iTerm2 for the terminal and fish for the shell as well.


Victor Mono looks cool. Reminds me of Operator/Dank Mono in terms of italics, except it doesn't cost anything and has a wide language support. Thanks for sharing it!


Ok, let me try this again.
WHen using Fira Code, how do I get rid of these little dots everywhere there's whitespace?

Funky fira code dots


I really love using colors to separate basically everything in my life (actually just wrote a tutorial on doing this same thing for slack).

So I use Peacock for the colors


and Material Icon Theme for the icons

Material Icon Theme


Sorry for thread smash but here are the tutorials

Slack Customization

Peacock (video only need to blog)



  • Colour Theme: Horizon Dark (italic)
  • Icon Theme: Monoka Pro Icons
  • Editor Font: Fira Code iScript
  • Terminal: just some simple bash

Image of my setup


It may be not so pretty, but definitely ergonomic.

Editor: vim
Font: Input Mono, customized
Theme: gruvbox, customized
Terminal: Linux framebuffer
Shell: tmux terminal multiplexer


As Go developer I frequently use LiteIDE (unpopular opinion 🤔) in a custom installation with Gopei shell project. The theme is a dark one modified by me and inspired by Webstorm.


Very old school here,

My IntelliJ IDEA looks like Eclipse.


And my VSCode looks like Eclipse



I really just like the intellij dark mode.


Me too. Its perfect for the eyes, not too dark, not too light


Okay here's my setup for VS Code and my terminal

Editor: VS Code Insiders Build
Font: Fira Code iScript
Theme: Synthwave '84 - with the glow on 🤩😎
Terminal: Hyper with WSL || Git Bash || Powershell if necessary
Shell: Oh My Zsh in WSL

Screen shot of my VS Code Setup

My Hyper terminal view


Being a Developer it is very common to have a dark theme but for me in Visual studio Code the Matter is Different But in IntelliJ IDEA it is same as usual so her is the Detail of My Development Environments as well.

Editor: Visual Studio Code
Theme: Shades of Purple
Creator: Ahmad Awais
Visual Studio Code Theme

Editor: Intellij IDEA 2019
Theme: Dracula
Creator: IntelliJ IDEA (Default Dark Theme)
IntelliJ IDEA Theme


Editor: VSCode
Font: Hack
Theme: Sea Green Theme (shown), skGRTT
Terminal: VSCode Terminal (shown), Terminator, Guake
OS: Ubuntu MATE

I also moved the Activity bar to the right.


Looks awesome! Will definately try it.



Editor: VS Code
Editor Theme: Pop N' Lock
Editor Font: Hasklig

Shell: Fish
Terminal: Hyper
Terminal Font: Monaco


Ho this is the first time I see my VS Code theme installed somewhere (after 15K downloads and 5K installs I finally got to see how it looks like on someone else machine) you can use Fira Code iScript if you want to have cursives instead of italics... please feel free to open a git hub issue for any request you have regarding the syntax of your favourite programming language!!!


Pop N' Lock Theme by Luxcium ✨

I have updated my color theme today look at the colourfull screen shoots ...


Return type of functions higlighting(v3.18) Colorfull function return type highlight


red on writing side / blue on the reading side

Variable highlight(v3.18) Usefull variable highlight

Decorator support

Decorator support(v3.18) Typescript decorator support

Latest TypeScript / Javascript Grammar

Latest TypeScript

Promise functions highlight

When using Latest Typescipt Grammar

Promise functions highlight(v3.18) When using Latest Typescipt Grammar Promise dot all and promise resolve and catch highlight

Console highlight

When using Latest Typescipt Grammar

Console highlight(v3.18) When using Latest Typescipt Grammar support console.log / conso.error etc. highlight


Editor: VS Code
Font: Ubuntu Mono Liga
Theme: Material Theme Darker
The full config: vscode.json


Editor: PhpStorm
Font: Fira Code (including PhpStorm's UI)
Theme: custom, based on base16 colors
Terminal: iTerm
Terminal Theme: custom, based on base16 colors
Shell: zsh + oh-my-zsh
Prompt: custom, based on Spaceship

PhpStorm with panel


You have done best job by providing here set up and VS code for IDE/Code Editor. Glad to find it and also like to forward it with more users and editors of Quality Dissertation in UK.

dissertation editing service


I'm creating my own inside VSCode: a Visual Structured Code Editor (at the moment a proof of concept) ;)

Visual Structured Editor POC1

Visual Structured Editor POC2


I'm primarily a vim user so I use a terminal a lot. I use a modified San Francisco Mono to be a Nerd font and setup my purple AF layout. Read more on my GitHub: github.com/jakew/dotfiles


I use dank mono as well but seriously, for that kind of money, you think it would have the ligatures for >= & <= by now.


Looks really interesting! Will give it a try today, thanks.


Editor: VSCode
Because I use marketplace.visualstudio.com/items...
Primary Font: 'FuraCode Nerd Font'
Secondary Font: 'Script12 BT'
Theme: Cobalt2 (wesbos)
Terminal: zsh with omgzsh

Small tip for fonts with ligatures and icons



I'm actually utilizing almost the exact same setup as you! twinsies!
Screenshot of VS Code Setup


Editor: depends on what I am doing...
Programming: Visual Studio
TextEditing: Notepad++ or VS Code

Font: I looked it up once, but I can‘t remember. The default.

Theme: Default... I like the colored theme of Visual Studio. I experimented with the light and the dark theme, but always went back to the default.

Shell: mostly the one opening, when debugging .NET Core. More and more Powershell (ISE), because I am usually managing Azure and Exchange Online.

No Pics, because I am writing this on my phone in the train on my way home.


I see a good candidate for top thread of the week here and my comment will be top comment also :p

I'm currently using VS Code too. Theme is Dracula, im using Fira Code font and Material Icons too.

For PHP, yeah i work on both sides of the bridge PHP and JS (mostly JS lately), i use most of the time Sublime Text 3.

Another IDE i love is WebStorm, Dracula and Fira Code there also.


I think I use Dracula too. And I think I use the fira mono too (is that the Mozilla font?) I'm away from my workstation, which is why I'm unsure.

But I have a question on vs code. I have lot of extensions installed that are supposed to help with linting and code suggestions. I know for a fact that they can work against each other and be useless, or several give you same or conflicting errors at once.

The reason I haven't fully simplified to one extension for each service is because sometimes I work in different frameworks or languages. In angular, you want typescript linting, in vanilla js/CSS/HTML, just emit and maybe eslint and prettier...

I feel like it's difficult to turn several extensions on,off depending on application. Is that why *workspaces" exist, or is there a way to turn on your *angular settings" and then later turn on your "vanilla HTML CSS js settings" etc?


IDE: Sublime Text
Font: Fira Code
Theme: Sublime Adaptive / Mariana color scheme


Terminal: iTerm - just got some nice updates!!
Shell: fish
Font: mononoki - love it but no lig's
Theme: Solarized dark


I also can't live without clip menu and spectacle


VS used to be awesome. Now it's a bloated pile of junk, like so many Microsoft products go.

WebStorm is amazing. Worth every cent. Ultrawide monitor, everything fits lovely, everything is at your fingertips.


Fonts: Fira Code

Program Editor: VS Code (customizations)
Theme: Predawn Twilight

Script Editor: VIM with minimal customizations
Syntax Highlighting: twilight256 theme using ANSI colors below

Terminal: iTerm
Shell: fish
Prompt: my own with git index hints (demo)
ANSI Colors: Custom, based on Twilight, with more popping cyan/magenta and pastel brights

All together:

VS Code, VIM, and ANSI Colors


Editor: PHPStorm & Android Studio
Font: Fira Code
Theme: Dracula
Terminal: iTerm2
Shell: Zsh + Oh My Zsh



Material Theme in PhpStorm, Night Owl in VS Code, Cmder, Fira Code font and Source Code in Notepad++. That's mostly what I use to code.
My Screen


I'm using Sublime Text 3. with default font, and using the built-in dark theme of Sublime. I don't need any other one, I'm completely satisfied with it :)

And this is the layout I'm using right now:
Basically this is a 2 column layout. The left one is a full screen. There I opened any kind of inc/main/ajax files.

The column on the right is split into 2 rows. The top one is where all the class files are opened, and the bottom one contains all the JS and CSS files.



Editor: Vim
Terminal: Konsole
Shell: Zsh
Desktop: KDE Plasma

Nice and clean:


I use a ton of plugins, a lot of them for writing:


Editor: Neovim con plugins (rainbow_parentheses, lightline, nerdtree, riv and vim-mundo)
Font: Ubuntu Mono
Theme: Gruvbox
Terminal: XFCE4-terminal (tests them all, the only one for me)
Shell: bash (tried zsh and fish but I found the to be kinda slow)

Mostly to web dev (frontend avoiding JS as much as possible and Python and lately Rust for the back), microcontrollers (C) and Markdown or Restructured for documents (ditched word processors and presentation SW years ago, lucky me :) ).


Editor: VS Code Insiders
Font: MesloLGS NF
Theme: Hackthebox
Terminal: Gnome terminal w/ tmux
Shell: ZSH with Powerlevel 10k and OhMyZsh


Editor: PhpStorm (VSCode is great but paying for PhpStorm is worth every cent)
Theme: Darcula
Font: DejaVu Sans Mono
Terminal: gnome-terminal
Shell: bash

It's basically default, haven't found anything wrong with it yet. Might start playing around with settings some time.


Editor: Vscode
Font: IBM Plex Mono
Theme: One Dark Pro Vivid
Shell: Gun


Editor: VSCode
Font: Fira Code
Theme: Synthwave84 by @robb0wen
Terminal: zsh

VScode Screenshot


Editor: Neovim
Font: Fira Code
Theme : Nord
Terminal: iTerm2


  • Theme: Noctis Uva
  • Font: Fira Code



Pink Cat Boo seems like a baby Dracula


Editor: Neovim
Font: ShureTechMono Nerd Font
Theme: OneHalfDark
Terminal: XFCE4-terminal
Shell: Bash


Editor: VS Code
Theme: Chimera

Had Atom before with the Vaporwave Theme.


Editor: VS Code
Font: Fira Code + Mali
Theme: LaserWave Italic
Shell: OhMyZsh



I am Using Notepad++, but if I have a strong computer I think I will use VSCODE

  • Editor: VS Code
  • Font: Fira Code
  • Theme: Pop N' Lock by Luxcium
  • Shell: Fish



Editor: Doom Emacs
Font: DejaVu Sans Mono (+ ligatures from Fira Code)
Theme: Peacock
Terminal: alacritty
Shell: zsh


How did you add fira glyph to another font ?


My text glows btw

Editor: vscode
Font: Fira Code
Theme: Synthwave 84

My theme


Editor: IntelliJ / PyCharm / CLion
Font: Menlo
Theme: Dracula
Terminal: Bash (although moving to OhMyZsh soon)

  • editor: vim
  • font: Dank Mono
  • theme: kphoen
  • terminal: iterm2/OhMyZsh

Followed your lead and have found VERY annoying bug in Night Owl. Wonder, how you found your way around it: github.com/sdras/night-owl-vscode-...


The really like the brown in the Kimbie Dark theme (VSCode)
Edit: the picture upload's not working


It works, you just have to insert it with markdown.


Ahh got it - thanks for the tip!


Editor: Neovim
Font: Hack
Theme: Ayu Dark
Terminal: Iterm2
Shell: ZSH


Editor: VS Code
Theme: BluLoco Light Italic
Font: Dank Mono
Zh theme: ys



Editor: VS Code
Terminal: Terminator
Theme (All): Night Owl
Not sure about fonts - Using defaults.



I find myself that WebStorm is smoother and prettier than VSC. I'm using Material theme


Thanks for sharing. Honestly, I like your pick of tools.


I use VS Code with Night Owl theme! I'm super picky on colors and fonts and its one of the only ones I actually like.


Editor: VSCode
Font: Fira Code
Theme: Monokai Pro (paid)
Terminal: PowerShell (on Windows) and iTerm + OhMyZsh (on macOS)


Editor : VS code 😍
Fonts. : Firacode
Theme : ❤️ Synthwave '84 (please try once that is glowing theme. That is my best personal choice theme. Try once.)
Terminal : zsh


Here's an article on VS Code set up for Newbie Coders here - and it features my VSCode set up and screenshots too:


Thank you soooo much. I've been looking at those dots for almost a year and haven't found anyone who could tell me how to get rid of them.


Editor: VScode
Font: Courier
Theme: Night owl

I like that dank mono font though :-)


Hah! My setup is almost identical, I'm using Fira Code, haven't seen Dank Mono before.


Font: Source Code Pro
QT Creator on Linux && Visual Studio on Windows👍

QT Creator on Linux && Visual Studio on Windows


Editor: VS Code
Font: Fira Code
Theme: Dracula
Terminal: In Ubuntu - OhMyZsh, In Windows - Cmder


Editor: IntelliJ IDEA (or Android Studio)
Font: Fira Mono
Theme: Dracula (with bigger font size)


Pretty simple setup for me. I use the Electron theme and Verdana font.


Guake drop down terminal forever!


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Font: Mono
Scheme: Slate
Editor: Terminal VI (I hate how antialias work on OSX)
Terminal: Bash


Editor: Vim
Font: Ubuntu Monospace (i think)
Theme: Monokai
Therminal: urxvt
Shell: bash
Window Manager: i3-wm

  • VsCode
  • DeepDark Material Theme
  • Fira Code
  • Oh-My-Zsh

Solarized Dark
Custom bitmap font based on vt100


Editor - Atom
Font - Cousine
Theme - Pristine / Atom Material (syntax)

Atom IDE


Editor: vscode
Theme: Hyperter (full pure black)
Font: Fira mono
Extensions: Vim, Todo Tree, Color Highlight, Bracket Pair Colorizer, Comment V, Box Comment


I use Intellij IDE Ultimate edition, with default Darcula font and font family ;)


I wrote a while blog post about it (only German🇩🇪): silas229.de/dev/atom-plugins/


Editor: VS Code (or IntelliJ)
Font: Pragmata Pro
Theme: Dracula
Terminal: iTerm 2
Shell: zsh + oh-my-zsh


Editor: Gvim
Theme: One Dark
Font: Fira Mono
Shell: Zsh with custom theme