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My Journey Into Software Engineering

Emma Bostian ✨ on February 21, 2019

“You should really consider software engineering — I think you’d be great at it.” This wasn’t the first time I had heard these words from my dad. ...
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Nice Mam

You have really an inspiring story. after reading others struggles and their hard work worth it for readers they feel a never give up attitude and again he tries hard to achieve his dream.

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Gavin Fernandes

Whoa you worked on IBM Q! Damn that's cool, are they still using your site (/ a version of it)? I think it looks pretty rad

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Emma Bostian ✨

Yep the site that’s online is the one I built!

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Alex Nigl

Thanks for sharing!
I’m not the one who began to study the development and any advice would be useful to me. I am 31 and I decided to learn PHP. I want to learn how to create modules for online stores and blogs, like Someone has experience in the development of such software. Someone to share tips?

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Eric Bishard

I can't believe I wasn't following you. Nice article, cool to hear your journey!

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Oliver Mensah

That's great experiences, my dear. Doing actuarial science tells you are such a 'shark', brilliant person. High five to you.

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Gabriel Guzman

Great story, thanks for sharing!

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I also have same problem like you. But at that time I think code is hard and not for me. Then I try to apply to other major.Unfortunately I dont get it and stick to IT until now I become a noob programmer.😝😝

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Interesting. My first attempt at college was also B.Sc (Human Life Sciences). Dropped out after one year. Re-entered attempting a (Managament Accounting). Now I’m doing my honours degree in Accounting whilst working full-stack web jobs. It’s curious how life meanders. Also nice to know there are more people like this.

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Paul-Sebastian Manole

Subbed! Definitely want to hear your thoughts on native web components and how to use them with libraries such as Vue.js and React.js which are not necessarily advocating the use of native web components yet. And native web components seem to have lost some traction.

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Hey! That's pretty cool. You were lucky enough to start within a highly skilled team, having the chance to work for great project, within a company who embraces innovation. Otherwise, it's not easy to do too much progress on your own. At least, this is how I see it.

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Amir Hameed

I studied zoology botany and chemistry in my graduation too.

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Mark Bussell Jr

Well done. :)

Also nice to know I wasn't the only one who ended up taking a rather circuitous route to programming.

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Inspirational story!

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Rafael Estevez

A very nice article and a great story!

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Arit Developer

I was a Biology major 🔬 🧪 🧫 🧬

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dAVE Inden

Great story. Thanks for sharing and awesome job on sticking through the hard parts and pushing through them. That’s awesome.

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Andy Hopwood

Great write up of your story so far! Feels like reading an excerpt from your upcoming biography

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Dule Martins

Nice article, thank for advice through the article.

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Interesting story emma

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What amazing!
Wish you a lucky and successful journey.

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Full Stack Geek

That's pretty inspiring :)

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"many of them didn’t want to invest in a foreigner when there were plenty of in-country candidates." surprising all politicians in Europe pretend there are not enough native "talents" ;)

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hussein cheayto

Well written article. Which programming language did you like the most?

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Clément Agarini • Edited

"z/OS on WebSphere using Python", you meant "WebSphere on z/OS using Python" right ?

Really nice to hear other developer's story !

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Emma Bostian ✨

Hahah yes!!