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I took a quick scroll through your DEV posts and it looks like some of your posts get some good traction, so I wouldn't feel too disheartened!

Taking a look at the title of your posts, it seems like the "What is X?" ones tend to get more reactions than the ones that are more succinct e.g. "Logical operators". Maybe you could try and do an analysis of your post titles (and then write a blog post about that too) and see what catches peoples' attention.

Looking at the content of your posts, I'd recommend adding a cover picture, and more pictures in general - a place you've done well on that is the image in your CSS box model post, whereas I think some your Ethernet Cables Explained post could have benefited from some diagrams and pictures.


That's a great idea, I've never thought about doing an analysis that deep. Usually I look at the topic I'm talking about. Thanks for the ideas, will definitively be doing this!

Edit: the reason I don't often have images is mainly due to my hosting package on my website. I do have a lot of space but I don't want to litter my posts with images and then run out. Right now I can't afford an upgraded package, so I'm trying to stretch my current package until the ROI kicks in (fingers crossed)


Can you switch hosting? Depending on how you've set up your website, you could host it for free on Netlify.

It's just a simple WP site so switching shouldn't be difficult. The main issue is that I've paid for a multi-year hosting package as it was cheaper. Other people have mentipned netlify, definitely will check it out, thanks

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