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Embedded Systems

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Embedded Systems Weekly #136

Welcome to issue 136 of our newsletter on embedded systems! I hope you'll like the selection that I have hand-picked for you. I wish you a happy weekend and happy reading.

Happy reading!


Lessons in Electric Circuits
It's a free electrical engineering textbook covering electricity and electronics. It's in 6 volumes and to give you an overview the first 4 titles are: Direct Current (DC), Alternating Current (AC), Semiconductors and Digital Logic and Circuits.

Learning Verilog and FPGA
The author's story of how he first failed, then succeeded, at learning how an FPGA works and how to write Verilog code.

Executable and Linkable Format 101 - Part 1 Sections and Segments
It's a great series of four articles that covers the ELF format's ins and outs. After part 1 on Sections and Segments, the next part is on Symbols,
the following one is on Relocations, and the final one is on Dynamic Linking.

Glitching the Olimex LPC-P1343
This interesting article describes in detail how to set up a glitching attack. An attacker glitch attacks a component by making it run out of its nominal operating conditions. There is no solid defense against a motivated attacker.

Tools / Libraries
Browser-based Online and Offline Hex Editing
A full-featured HTML5/JavaScript-based hex editor running directly in your web browser.

News / Business

Emerging Startups 2023: Top Internet of Things Infrastructure Startups
If you are curious about the IoT startup ecosystem, this report is a good starting point to dig deeper.


Nokia, Senior Software Development Engineer, New Providence, New Jersey, USA
The pandemic has highlighted how important telecoms networks are to society. Nokia’s Network Infrastructure group is at the heart of a revolution to bring more and faster network capacity to people worldwide through our ambition, innovation, and technical expertise.


Grayscale on 1-bit LCDs
You'll probably be as surprised as I had been to discover what it is possible to render on a 1-bit LCD. I encourage you to watch the video linked at the top of the article. It gives a fairer view of the author's work.

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