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Embedded Systems Weekly #134

Wingman Software giveaway is over and we had the pleasure of randomly picking the two winners.

  • roo*@z*.com is the winner of the Live TDD Training seat.
  • san*@s*.net is the winner of the Self-Paced TDD for Embedded C Training.

If you didn't win, you could still sign up. Investing in your career is probably the best thing you can do for your future you. The coming session is on January 17, 18, and 19, 2023. To sign up, go to Wingman Software website.

Happy New Year! Happy reading!


DIY Arduino Based Air Sensor
It is an ongoing series of articles. It's perfect for beginners who want to get their hands on electronics / embedded systems in 2023. In the coming days, the author planned to write a third part to add a temperature and humidity sensor.

How Long Is A Millisecond?
The author draws a good analogy between the heartbeats and the CPU clock ticks. He sets the idea of "CPU years" to better understand CPUs.

Fuzzing ping(8)… and finding a 24 year old bug.
It's an interesting article to read. It gives a method to use AFL on an app communicating over a network.

The faker's guide to reading (x86) assembly language
The author shows us that reading assembly code should not be intimidating and that it is a critical skill. I completely agree with him. Be ready to read assembly language. You never know when you'll need it.

A Gentle Introduction to Assembly Language Programming
Let's be honest right away. It's not a gentle introduction at all. It's an introduction for developers already comfortable in C or C++. If you are one of these developers, you should skim this book. I thought it was a good article to share with the one above on reading assembly code.

RISC-V Bytes: Timer Interrupts
We already talk about it multiple times in the newsletter, RISC-V architecture is getting more and more attention. This article describes how work timer interrupts in the context of the RISC-V architecture.

Building a Frankenstein 64
Here is another article for the people among us who are into retro-computing. This time it's about building a Commodore 64 replica from scratch.

Tools / Libraries

OpenPnP is an open-source pick-and-place system. It includes the software and a list of hardware designs. The main goal of the project is to provide an implementation that makes building a P&P machine affordable.


Cavnue, Embedded Software Engineer, Remote (Full remote)
Join us in building the roads of the future. Cavnue, which recently announced the closing of its Series A at $130M, is bridging technology and road infrastructure to realize a safer, more efficient, and more accessible future for automated transportation.


The C language - Draft Version 1
This week I just discovered this gem for C language lovers. The first draft of the kernighan & ritchie. I dug a bit to find who is "Tom Lyon" the name written on the cover. He wrote a blog post on his journey at Bell Labs and he is active on Mastodon.

The Sega System E: The Master System Supergrafx
I'm forty-something, and the Sega Master System is part of my youth. There is more in this article than my nostalgia. Give it a read.

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