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Hot ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ: What is Web 3.0 | How to Become Web 3.0 Developer

Web 3.0 is a rapidly growing market. If you've heard of Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies, you've undoubtedly heard about Web 3.0 as well.

Every software, website, and database on the Internet nowadays is owned by someone or a company and is stored on a server or in the cloud. In contrast, Web 3.0 is analogous to having everyone on the same shared network and sharing all resources. As a result, when you create web 3.0 apps, you're doing so on a Blockchain that everyone can access at the same time.

Web 3.0, which is based on blockchain technology, is the decentralized internet of the future. There will be no command and control from a central location. The internet will be governed by AI and machine learning algorithms. Web 3.0 will be powered by smart contracts, which will be a semantic web managed by machines with no central authority.

Skills Required Before Beginning Web 3.0 Development

Before embarking on the web 3.0 journey, we'll examine what web 2.0 talents we can use for our web 3.0 development. If you're just getting started with Web 3.0 development, the tools and experience listed below will come in handy.

  1. TypeScript.
  2. JavaScript. The use of React.js is a plus. As a result, React js is used as the front end in the majority of web 3.0 applications.
  3. Next js is a useful skill to have.
  4. Operating systems and how databases function are basic computer science concepts.
  5. Elliptical curve cryptography is an example of basic cryptography. Because private keys are used to sign transactions and the fundamentals of hash functions, asymmetric key cryptography is the foundation of blockchain.

Let's have a look at the skills required to work as a Web 3.0 developer.

First and foremost, there are the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

Blockchains are a part of Web 3.0. The principles of blockchain, how blockchains work, and the many types of blockchains must all be understood.

Languages for Blockchain Development

Two types of blockchains are utilized to build apps.

Solana is a new blockchain that offers lower transaction fees. Solana is a programmer who works with the rust programming language. So you'll need to learn rust if you want to make Solana applications.

For constructing big web 3.0 apps, Ethereum is the most extensively utilized blockchain. Solidity is the programming language used to create contracts for Ethereum-based applications.

Understanding Cryptocurrency Wallets

The following step is to learn how to utilize wallets such as Metamask. Metamask isn't the only tool at your disposal. There are other options, but you should start by learning how to use one wallet. The most popular mask is the Meta mask. As a result, I advise you to learn how metamask works.

Learn how to decipher financial transactions.

Etherscan gives you a full picture of all blockchain transactions. Recognize and learn to read the transactions. Discover the different fields and what they entail. What are the function calls that are being made? How to verify a contract is explained by Etherscan.

web 3.0 is the future so embrace it now. I hope this piece has given you an insight into web 3.0 and how to channel your development skills to learn more about it. Thanks for reading

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Ion Iacob

Thanks for sharing. I learning about this big world from Web 3 from Cloudflare My clients with websites yet not required Web 3 services, but it's good idea to learn about it and use for development.

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johnandrew09 • Edited

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Mason Marper