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My first open source project

Daniel Coturel
Java and PHP programmer.
・2 min read

Hi everyone. As the description states, I just wanted to come here and tell you, fellow developers, about my first open source project. Why? Because even I've been developing software since at least 2005, it hasn't been until I joined this website that I got interested in open source projects.

Anyway, the motivation was simple. Me and my sisters need to execute, during this year, a series of financial movements in order to proceed with some stuff for wich my English is too poor to explain.
I pointed out that we needed to keep track to every income and outcome, from the main "cash resource" and when some of us makes an expense that has to be refunded.
Obviously, the main approach was to create a shared spreadsheet, but I wanted to make a software, for some reasons:

  1. I wanted to make a new web app from scratch with my framework of choice, CakePHP, since this year I'm mainly mantaining apps and that's not that fun.

  2. I also wanted to keep track to incomes and outcomes respecting accounting principles, and that's hard to achieve with a spreadsheet.

  3. Then I had in mind to make this little software an open source project, in case anyone in the world can benefit from this effort

So I created "Easyaccounts", a software that requires the definition of accounts (in an accounting sense of the word), cash resources and income / outcome concepts. The software keeps track of:

  1. Incomes: records an income that is linked to a cash resource and a concept in a way that money comes in that cash resource

  2. Outcomes: records an outcome that is linked to a cash resource and a concept in a way that money comes out that cash resource

  3. Transferences: records a movement that moves money from one cash resource to another

Everyone of the three generates an accounting entry, and the main motivation is to keep updated a balance of the fund we manage.

I leave some screen-captures of the running instance of the app:




This is the link to the GitHub repository, in case anyone wants to check the source code:



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maheshkay profile image
Mahesh K

Good project. Do you wish to build a dashboard for this or something? Like doing those stuff from single point of interface and seeing the changes in one place? :)

elcotu profile image
Daniel Coturel Author

Hi Makesh.
I think a dashboard could be good for a starting screen. I initially thought in a small set of numbers and evolutions, of a particular account. Each user should be able to choose wich accounts he / she wants to display there.

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