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Ekim Kael
Ekim Kael

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How to manage a team when deadlines are short

I recently got a job as a designer.Last week I was promoted to head the frontend and design team.Yeah!✨🎈🎉🎊

No, no yeah!!

The joy disappeared very quickly because I have to manage my team but I'm lost on one thing in particular: scheduling tasks.

As far as design is concerned, I'm still okay (but I'm interested in new approaches) but I don't know how to plan the tasks from the frontend.

We will use ReactJS as if there are methodologies we can use with thanks.

One of the major concerns is time.

I wanted to start on Brad Frost's atomic design but you need an MVP by the end of the month and the boss wants results every week.

How to deal with it?

Any help is appreciated

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Fran González

I'm not an expert in this by any means, but maybe using Scrum with a one week sprint instead of two can help. Use your boss as the product owner (the one that says what he wants done and what he doesn't), ask him what his priorities are, select the priorities that you think your team can achieve in one week and divide into different tasks that each member of the team can do. Then code, code, code until you finish what you selected for that week and only what you selected. After each Sprint you're supposed to have a piece of the final work that you can already show and put into production, so you can show the results to your boss.

Obviously I just did a massive simplification of Scrum, but it's just an introduction. We're using this in our company and it's working surprisingly well. If you want more information you can take a look at the official (and free) Scrum Guide.

Good luck!

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Frank Carr

I agree Agile/Scrum is going to be the easiest and best way to handle this.

We use Planning Poker to estimate our user stories. This makes estimation a team effort.

Mountain Goat Software is another good Agile resource.

There is a problem though and that's you will be taking on a lot of work since you will have 2, if not 3 roles: lead developer, Agile coach and, maybe, product owner. I've been in a similar position and it becomes very difficult to do everything. It will be essential to have your boss or the product's sponsor in the role of product owner and have the committed fully to that role. Otherwise, the likelihood of failure is going to be high and you will be the one blamed for it.

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Ekim Kael Author

Thanks Man.

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wiz • Edited on

Sharing my experience of working in a frontend reactjs team:

So we had one person who set the entire layout for the app, means the practices and structure we need to follow.

As soon as we got the designs from UXD, we divided up the website into various components among ourselves. I was given the task of making the middle section of the website.

After completing that I was assigned to create login/signup forms and then further adding routing as the task.

Meanwhile, other people were completing other tasks(other components) and we all had this thing going on under Github projects.

Time management was done by assigning the relevance of the component and we were asked to provide not less than 5 hours every day in order to complete profile.

There were two reviewers on our team who were looking for any sort of code conflicts while merging and reviewed the PRs.

The problem arose when one component was dependent on other...i.e unless I complete the signup form no connectivity with backend could be added! Since the backend team was way ahead and we were lagging a lot.

Better is to assign the task to one who has better skills in completing a component like I made UI components pretty fast!

Just keep communicating with the team so if they are stuck, they can pass it on to someone else or get help.

Hope it helps!!

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Rostane Gribi

Aren't deadline always short ? Looks like they are made to be like it ! ^
That's a good question thought, I know we often face it ourselves.
May I share with you an article out team at Zenkit wrote on this subject, hope you’ll find it useful :