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Hi, all!
I'm a looong, looong time developer, from scientific programmable calculators eras, mid 80s.
Moved from MS and DR DOS, to several Win*s, User/Server space, worke for several *nixes, falled in love with Linux, from pre-1 to present.
Developed on COBOL, Fortran, Basic (I admit that), Bash, Python, Ruby.
Worked at integration, setworking, securing, architecturing, keeping alive almost every platform and app I've found.
Currently al BPM (Oracle, Bizagi, JBpm).
Backend/Frontend, AppServers or standalone apps, x86/Arm/RISC/older 80xxx experiences.
Curious and studying AR/VR, AI and deep learning.
I'm ALWAYS curious about people's experiences, always learning about them.
I felt this is an amazing place for personal and professional experiences sharing.

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