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Install Flutter without Android Studio

ejgamer21 profile image Enger Jimenez ・2 min read

In this tutorial, we will install Flutter and configure it, without installing Android Studio or any device emulator.

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  • Terminal.
  • Git.
  • Access to system environment.
  • VS Code and Flutter extension.


  1. First let's create a folder called src or something you want in our C drive.

  2. Now let's go to install the Flutter SDK. We proceed to enter to the C:\src folder and run
    git clone
    the Flutter sdk starts to download.

  3. When the Flutter sdk has been downloaded, type "env" in the Windows search (or press windows key), and click on "Environment Variables...", edit the Path of the User Variables and add a new one "C:\src\flutter\bin".
    Alt Text
    Alt Text

  4. Run the command flutter, if the command is found it will start downloading some dependencies, after that run flutter doctor.

  5. Download OpenJDK8, I recommend using this one
    Just extract the files on a folder like "C:\Program Files\Java\openjdk8".

  6. Add the JAVA_HOME and the path to the System Variables, go to edit the Environment Variables and click on "New..." under the System Variables
    Alt Text
    After you add the new system variable you can set the path for java, edit the Path of the System Environment and add "_%JAVA_HOME%\bin"
    Alt Text

  7. Download Android SDK, Head to and download Command line tools only for Windows. After downloaded, just extract the folder (tools) in a new folder on "C:\Android".

  8. Install Android dependencies. Move to "C:\Android\tools\bin" and run the sdkmanager.bat --list (with the Terminal), run the following commands:
    sdkmanager.bat “platform-tools”
    sdkmanager.bat “build-tools;28.0.3”
    sdkmanager.bat “platforms;android-28”
    sdkmanager.bat "platform-tools"

  9. Add the ANDROID_HOME to the System Variables, add a new entry called "ANDROID_HOME" and the value is the path of your installation
    Alt Text

  10. Allow debugging mode on your phone, you can follow this tutorial, allow the connection from your PC prompted on your phone's screen.

  11. Run flutter doctor.

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edgarmc100 profile image

Thank you Enger, If someone has a problem with the sdk, use this sdk version

alhiane profile image
Alhiane Lahcen

i gott erorr

ERROR: JAVA_HOME is set to an invalid directory: C:\Program Files\Java\openjdk

Please set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the
location of your Java installation.

edo90 profile image
Edward Colón

Excellent post Enger