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Job offers: Don't get lost along the way

Dear potential employers,

I know your company is dealing with urgent issues. I know the market is quite rough at the moment. I know good developers have now high and diverse expectations: keeping track of these must not be easy.

It seems like for some of you, free coffee or free candies are a must have. Available Nerf guns in the office are maybe the line in your job offer that will make your company stand out from the others.

Maybe you're right. Maybe I totally underestimate this kind of features. But one thing that matters to me and that you often forget, is the technical stack you want me to deal with.

I'm not kidding. Some offers don't even mention one programming language. You could think it's an exception and that I chose only small and dubious companies. You would be wrong.

Here is a job offer to work at Reddit.

A job offer to work for Reddit

It seems all they want is clean, maintainable, and well-tested code. You should know what it means, you, little Backend developer. Does it include Node? Python? Ruby? Rust? PHP? Go? No one will know. I hope you are working to be familiar with the whole web stack.
Consider the list of all the things we know about this offer.

  • Pet Care Stipend
  • Monthly Cell Phone Allowance
  • Catered Meals & Snacks

It's great to know this. But I have the feeling that the authors got lost along the way. Please, next time, try not to forget to mention a few more details about the work I will be doing for you. Write it down even at the very top of your job offer. It will save time to anyone.

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