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Do you really know AdMob? πŸ€‘

For the last 3 years I´ve been learning AdMob by the hard way 😫... The last strike reduced the earnings by 100% because we didn't complied with its policies. I won't share numbers but it really hit us. That was the moment I decided I needed to take the bull by the horns and learn how to avoid these situations again.

The following list is intended to highlight what you should & shouldn't do with your ads setup and your AdMob account:

  • Monitor any ads frequency change and do it slowly so your users get use to it
  • Do not request to your users to consume ads unnecessarily
  • Unlike other networks like Unity Ads, AdMob doesn't invalidate user's click which means your score will decrease and potentially lead your account to get suspended.
  • Next logic step is to implement a mechanism in which you recognize and prevent intended abuse from your users (firebase events & remote config might help you with this)
  • Mediation might help you to get better eCPM by leveraging AdMob to handle different networks
  • To have a 2nd network implementation in case you got suspended, the hot-swap functionality might let you lose less money until your account is back in the game.
  • Align the Ads categories with your app's content rating; make sure you don't have bets or adult ads if your app's rating is for kids.

Another way we increased and improved our ads implementation was working along an apps partner manager from AdMob. These managers will help you land better ad types and formats within your apps. They usually make suggestions about frequency, when, where and how to place better ad units. Also how to avoid common mistakes like accidental clicks and poor visibility. We were reached by one so I am not entirely sure how you can receive help and assistance from them but probably it happens once you reach certain amount of traffic.

The last suggestion is the most obvious and important, read the guidelines and take an AdMob course so you can have deeper knowledge of the entire ecosystem. In the following link you will find the GoogleΒ΄s official guide for AdMob:

Topics you'll find there are:

  • Sign and set up of your AdMob account
  • How to create Ad units and which are the formats and types available
  • Generate reports
  • Use mediation for multiple ad networks
  • Set up block controls for different audiences or filter undesired advertisers

At the moment I am trying to launch in-house campaigns so I can advertise my own app inventory for free. Please feel free to suggest more good practices you know. And if you were wondering, the last implemented strategy allowed us to recover partially while improving our potential to continue growing more over time. Fail once, fail twice, fail better πŸ˜‰...

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