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Coding Android apps again

This post was originally published in my blog:

Hi folks, I wanted to share that for the last 2 months I've been coding again android apps! I haven't work with apps since my first year as developer, like 5 years ago.

I wanted to highlight how much the apps environment has changed as well as my knowledge regarding the Android environment. Last year I was tinkering with the 1st beta of Ionic-vue, leveraging from my js and react-vue skills I was able to create a basic games app which makes me continue doing more apps.

Then I decided to jump into native code again given I already know Java, and the experience was awesome. I was able to write logic and use the components quite easily, I did remember learning networking with OkHttp and Retrofit which wasn't easy. But now it couldn't be more smoothly given everything I've been learning by exposing me to different technologies in these years.

Now with Firebase being THE thing for Android everything became easier, natural and fluid. I still prefer to wire up my connections to my backend, but for analytics and maybe auth along other minor services Firebase is the way.

When JetBrains released the first Kotlin beta I was interested, but in the end I continue as a fullstack. Now it's a thing I want to learn, "fun" for functions? It has to mean something 😁.

I think that's it for now, I will continue developing more features for the apps we published. I hope we can ramp up into 2M MAU for the next post so I can share more insights about how to deal with updates and changes your community may dislike ✌️

Stay sharp

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