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Elayan Hamamrah on May 11, 2019

Recently I was working on a side project to fill my time, As lately I do care more about open-source projects & contributions. Many times I fa... [Read Full]
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Congrats on launching!

Some small pieces of mobile feedback, if that's ok! The text and the bubbles of faces where overlapping with each other on my phone.
I also couldn't get the hamburger menu to do much for me on mobile.

But cool idea and congrats again on launching! I'll check it out again on my computer in a bit!


Hello Corey,
I really do appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately, it's not mobile friendly still need to improve the front-end to be 100% responsive.


I would show less cards per row on smaller screens to fix this issue.

I will be working on it in a couple of days. Thanks for your feedback.

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