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Small step to create telegram bot

egitsptr profile image Egit S. Originally published at on ・1 min read
  1. Open conversation with @BotFather.
  2. Post /start, and you will see:


  1. Post /newbot
  2. Post name and username
  3. Done, after you get ​token​ like as 680788960:AAEKP9xGSZK9uyWGGouZFYmTkCN8i_y0w

Sending message to channel:

  1. Open url or get =>
  2. Done

Finding chat_id:

  1. Add bot to as ​channel administrator
  2. Post /start to send bot command
  3. Open url or get =>
  4. See
  5. Done

for more api kindly goto

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