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Explain Selenium & Webdrivers Like I'm Five

Edwin Mak
An aspiring artist using code as another medium for creation. I am currently a software developer in an EdTech company focused on improving communication in the workplace. I work heavily in Ruby!
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Hey there!

I've been interested lately in applying end-to-end tests to my web application. I've seen several options available but I don't really understand the differences or how they work.

For instances, how does a remote selenium server work in practice? How does the remote selenium server have access to say a server running on my local machine (if thats how it works?)

This area is very new to me and am eager to learn more :)


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Eugene Cheah

Great question!

Just to let you know, I ended up writing an extreamly long answer and turned it into an article on its own based on your question.

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Edwin Mak Author

Thanks Eugene! I'll check it out!