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Simplified Redux w/ a Dash of Vanilla

Ed Link III
Web Developer -- JavaScript, PHP, C#, SQL
Updated on ・1 min read

I was gratified by the response my post got yesterday entitled I Just Didn't Get Redux! So I decided to do a follow-up including a link to a new Pen that used the exact same Redux code, but I gave it a UI incorporating some simple HTML and CSS with a little plain old vanilla JavaScript. (I also added the limitation of being between zero and ten.)

It is a super simple implementation (not to mention overkill, using state management for a simple counter), but it's got a little more meat to it than just directly making dispatch calls.

Again, my reason for doing this is that I needed to pull Redux out of the context of React-Redux (which was what I had been learning from the tutorials I was using) so I could understand it, which I was finally able to do.

Also, I want to thank @markerikson for adding a few links to some fantastic resources in the comments of my previous post --> go check those out.

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