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Ed Link III

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New Job Alert

I haven't posted on here in quite a while. I've been busting my butt working for a new company. I accepted a "JavaScript Developer" position with a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company last May and started in mid-June.

("JavaScript Developer" is even a bit of a misnomer... I do spend about 75% of my time doing front-end work, the rest is spent in C# and SQL.)

After looking/applying/interviewing for about four years, I was exhausted, but I was finally starting to get some really solid leads. I was getting hit up by recruiters 10+ times a week on LinkedIn - 20ish years of experience will do that. Usually the jobs were looking for someone with 3+ years experience with React, Angular, and/or Vue, thus making it not a good fit (having spent the previous seven years working with Backbone.js, no one wanted to talk to me beyond that).

Needless to say, it took the perfect position to come around... And it did.

I excel at working with Vanilla JS and I was finally contacted by someone representing a company that wanted someone who was not married to a framework. When they learned I had a history (12+ years) with jQuery, as well as experience with C# and SQL, they offered me more than I was asking for.

I was completely blown away!

Almost nine months later and I haven't really had any sort of formal review, but they keep showing me that they trust me and appreciate me by giving me more responsibilities (aka more projects that I "own").

I had a call earlier today with the lead dev and I was about in tears when he told me about the next "overhaul" project he wants me to work on, AND he wants me to run point on it.

I'm not posting this to brag, but to give hope for those who might feel stuck in their current role... Keep swinging for the fences. Keep tweaking your LinkedIn and your GitHub. Get your resume out there. Eventually you'll find the one, or (as in my case) it will find you.

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