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Doing To-Dos

I needed to get some code on GitHub, because you apparently can't get a web dev job without it anymore. But I had never used Git (we still use SVN where I currently work). And I had never even tried to write code for public consumption (other than a couple of little projects on CodePen).

So, to learn Git (and have some code to put on GitHub), I decided create a "to-do" app. (I know, real original.) I also decided that, upon completing it, I would duplicate it using different libraries and frameworks I know (eg, jQuery) and/or have been learning (eg, React).

It (the Vanilla JS version) is finished (for now). Of course, these apps are not very complex (nor exciting), but it is something simple I can at least get started with. I even added a context menu (right-click) to give it a little pizzazz.

So here it is in all it's splendor:

In the (very near) future this project will be converted to an implementation using web components. I will also do a version of it using jQuery (and probably Backbone) before starting on React/Redux. Converting one or more of them to TypeScript is also a possibility. (A version with Angular will be inevitable.)

At some point I will likely create my own Node/Express/MongoDB backend also.

Every time I start thinking of what to do next, I end up spiraling in ideas... And it's just a little to-do app. Simple or not, I'm hoping it will display some of what I have learned, because the bottom line is that I really need to get some code visible.

PS: I'm super nervous about publishing this and opening my code up to public ridicule. (Please be kind.)

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J. Djimitry Rivière

I felt the same way, when I started coding and had to teach myself about Git/Github. The only difference is that you went for Javascript, and I went for CSS (SCSS, to be exact).