Ruby has no class methods

Edison Yap on November 09, 2018

Wait…. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I don’t know about you, but that was my exact reaction when I first heard Nadia Odunayo’s talk in Rub... [Read Full]
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So, you've effectively proven that.

  1. Ruby does have class methods, cause you know, metaclasses are not the same thing as classes.
  2. Metaclasses are cool (which it's known since Smalltalk times).
  3. MOP rules!

Haha yeah, I admit the title is a bit clickbaity :p but it's more so that for my own personal understanding, class method wasn't what I thought it was.

Yeah in Nadia's talk she talked briefly about Smalltalk too! There's just so much more to learn, it's exciting!

Can explain what MOP is?


Interesting, I was playing with writing an OO programming language in Common Lisp, looks like this might be a good architecture for the object system.


Good to learn, thanks. Where can we watch the video you said?


Hey! I attended the RubyConf live, and I don't think they recorded anything, so frankly I'm not quite sure if a video exists.

Maybe you could start by looking at Nadia's Twitter or something?

EDIT: Hey man I took some time to dig and found it! nadiaodunayo.com/speaking/the-case...


Thanks! Means a lot to someone who's pretty new to this blogging thing haha


haha I found this post very interesting. Great work!

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