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Eddy Vinck
Eddy Vinck

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What kind of music do you listen to when working from home? 🏡🎶

And what other tips do you have for working from home?

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Depends on the mood.

Metal, of course metal, some goodies include: Eluveitie (try the song King), Ne Obliviscaris (try the song And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope), Shylmagoghnar (try the album Emergence), Theatre of Tragedy pre-electro (try album Aegis) and electro (try album Musique); Unleash the Archers.

For non-metal: Vangelis, Enigma, OST of the new Tron, the OSTs of Deus-Ex; Mozart, specially the Requiem; some Bach and Handel, not all of it, too baroque to focus in something else.

Uhm, what else, maybe: Aurora, Tool, Phillip Glass, Robert Miles and some Warduna.

Finally sometimes I just what a good metronome at 50-70bps or brown noise.

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Eddy Vinck

I love metal myself as well. Eluveitie is one of my favorite bands! Going to give those other bands a listen this week! 🤘

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Another Eluveitie enthusiast!, what a treat, check specially Ne Obliviscaris, in YT the song I mentioned Live in Colorado. I'm pretty sure it will melt your brain.

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Metal/Rock and one specific Eurobeat playlist on Spotify of all kind. Mostly the:

  • Kickass Metal playlist
  • Summer Breeze 2019 playlist
  • Rock Me up playlist
  • My favourite artists radio (In Flames, Disturbed, Slipknot, zebrahead, Eskimo Callboy, Wolfmother) playlists
  • Still looking for the Eurobeat playlist 😥

Some people mention podcasts. I can not focus on both and hence do not enjoy listening to them while working. When I am in the train/bus on the other hand I do like it, if I have no book to read.

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Nathan Minchow

Game soundtracks galore! They are usually meant to blend into the background while you do other tasks anyway.

Most of the Final Fantasy games were recently added to Spotify, so that's been keeping me occupied.

You can find pretty much any game OST on YouTube. People make some good game music compilations for study/work on there as well.

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Dian Fay

I've been on an electrotango kick lately: YIRA, Gotan Project, Bajofondo.

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I typically listen to podcasts during work (I listen to so many). I recommend: Levar Burton Reads, Brought to You By..., Code Newbie(of course), Sawbones, Ologies, or Beach too Sandy, Water too Wet. My list is much longer.
If I'm not listening to that, I go for Kpop (I like the trap beats, what can I say. lol), Emo punk, or folk rock (I suggest Bridge City Sinners)

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My office is really small and silent except when other employees are on the phone, so I have always listened to more electronic music. If you have Spotify I listen to the Hype, Coding and Crushing It, Dubstep Don, Zelda and Chill, to name a few and depending on my mood. Basically just beats and rhythm without lyrics or very few, sometimes music in other languages as well.

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Cole Walker

Jazz, Swing, or other instrumental music.

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Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza
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Lukasz Gornicki

I love those YouTube compilations like from Music Lab

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Fulton Browne

Classic alternative and pop rock

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Snehal Baghel
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Personally I'm very fond of these musical nuggets!