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What are your favorite productivity tools and apps?

We all look up to those around us who are really productive. What are the tools you use to be a productive developer?

Anything from command-line shortcuts to apps. What are the things or processes that boost your output at the end of the day?

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Hey Eddy, not sure if you use any type of code review tool but it does help with productivity and saving a lot of hours per week, even though it's not a productivity app. Codacy takes 2min to set it up and add your repo to be checked:
For individual use, Notion and Clockwise are great, and from a team perspective, Miro is very cool as well as Discord or Sococo, which are different than Slack.

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Julia Moskaliuk time tracker

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Pandiyan Murugan

Pomodoro timer

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Greg R.

Environment: Windows 10.

scoop - package manager, brilliant stuff
z - fuzzy cd
VS Code