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The early days of an open source project are really exciting, but exhausting (and totally worth it)

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This post is a followup on my original post about ConfTalks' release. It's not necessary if you haven't read it already, but it can give you a good background on the project :)

ConfTalks has only been out for a few days, and I'm so happy with all the positive responses!

Conference talks listed on ConfTalks

Some highlights so far

Because of the positive response I have been pretty energized to keep working on the project.


Originally I launched ConfTalks with just the data for a single conference. Since then an additional 10 conferences have been added by the community of which 7 are currently merged!

That is over 200 conference talks!

Google Analytics for ConfTalks from October 19th to the 22nd

And then there's the analytics: 1300+ people have visited ConfTalks. This is a mindblowing number to me!

The ConfTalks GitHub

The GitHub repository has a total of 16 pull requests, 21 forks and 37 stars 🌟

Our Slack group has 19 members and counting

Since the announcement 19 people have joined our Slack workspace! And they're all awesome 😎

28 people have joined the newsletter

💌 29 people have subscribed to the newsletter! and you can too! click here to subscribe or visit It's free!

One person tried to access a nonexistant admin panel

🕵️ One person tried to access a nonexistent admin panel

What's next for ConfTalks

  • We're working on a CLI to make adding data easier.
  • We're adding data and solving issues
  • New ways to filter will be added
  • GitHub issue and PR templates will be added
  • We'll continue to make ConfTalks a great place for developers
  • And we'll keep you updated!

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far! If you would like to contribute as well you can head over to our GitHub repository. You can also join our free community Slack. Don't forget about the newsletter 💌! Updates get shared there first 👀

Special thanks to

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