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Jose E Saura
Jose E Saura

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I see so many ads about UX/UI masters and jobs that I don't know if the necessity is real anymore.

Basically, since I am looking for a UX/UI course, more like a master, not just and online course. I can't stop seeing like "UX THE FUTURE JOB" etc.

I just wanted to turn my developer career into design and be more like... a product designer/developer???? idk. I've started to get a strange feeling about everything in relation with this private schools'coursers and bootcamps, it is almost overwhelming and kind of 'fake'.

Have you ever had this feeling?
If so, how do you avoid to see that many information about an specific topic?

Thanks for reading!

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Stephanie Morillo

Hi Jose, I can only offer my perspective. I completely agree; it's really difficult to sort through the number of courses and programs out there. And not all of these come with reviews, making it more difficult to gauge whether or not it's a worthwhile investment. The same is true for other in-demand skills, like software development and data analysis.

I enrolled in a Master's degree program for UX Design back in 2017. (Is this what you meant by "master"? A Master's program?) It was the best decision for me; I wanted to get an advanced degree and I wanted to go in depth in UX, which I felt many courses and programs don't do. I found my program after doing considerable research online.

If it helps, I would recommend getting more specific about what you want to learn: UX design, as you're aware, is a huge field. Do you want user interface design skills? Do you want to learn how to conduct user research? You can use the specificity as a jumping off point to discover something else.

I hope this helps, and best of luck!

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Jose E Saura Author

Thanks a lot for your reply Stephanie!

Your comment was really helpful, and yeah, maybe I need to know better what I want to learn inside UX vast world.

What I am afraid of is that they are super expensive and every online program/bootcamp feels scammy to me, idk. Also I'm looking here in Spain, where I live, because I think it's super important to be there rather than just do lectures, excercices, I am sure you know what I mean... But maybe there is good online Masters' programs.

Were you already in a UX focused job when you enrolled?

See you around :)

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Stephanie Morillo

Here’s a list of UX resources I compiled which may help! Most of these are inexpensive. I break them down by category.

I wasn’t in a UX role when I enrolled but I had to work a lot with the product team at my old job. That’s what spurred my interest.

I completely understand what you mean about online courses and bootcamps! And to be honest, many programs do vary widely in quality. Have you found any near where you live?