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Can you help us building a local dev community?

Hi, we are a group of a few ppl from Spain, and we are studying web development. Our curriculum is outdated, it always has been a "problem" but now with corona I feel like me and my mates won't learn everything we could... I am luckily enough to be working already and I learnt some things by myself but I want to motivate them and wake them up, they can achieve a happy life coding (which I think is the happier way of life).

What do we need?

So at the end of every idea in my head I thought that it would be super nice to build a community, to kind of "force" them to move, do some research etc... Why? Because I want them to gather information about different topics like state of web dev, or multiplatform dev, become producers of content not just spectators, idk, it's a long topic and I don't want to bore you, for real.


I want to focus the community more in motivation around coding, technology etc, instead of just "tutorials" or how tos. There is a lot of really good people making this. I want experienced coders to share with them ideas about life, more in the softskills part of ourselves. I think it's most than a half of a good developer.

philosopher sharing

We already planed the first online meeting to decide platforms, tools and work methodologies.

I already planned some content and work to keep them engaged, I even talked with companies to interact with the community. Also I focused everything for the job hunt improvement. It's a long story but a job would make them significantly happier.

Can we get your help, please? 🥺

So yeah, of course, I am asking in one of my most beloved dev community. What are your tips to build communities? Have you ever build a local work group?

Any help is super welcomed!

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