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How to Create your Own Virtual Store in AR in 15 Minutes or Less

echoAR ( is a cloud platform for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) apps
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Looking to create your own virtual store? This virtual shopping demo created with Unity and echoAR is a great place to start. The full demo can also be found on echoAR’s GitHub.

Alt Text


If you don’t have an echoAR API key yet, make sure to register for FREE at echoAR.


  • Clone this project and open in Unity
  • Set your echoAR API key in the echoAR prefab
  • Add the models from the models folder to the echoAR console
  • For each model, add the corresponding metadata from the metadata folder on the echoAR console


  • Press the ‘Play’ button on Unity

Alt Text


  • Navigate through the scene using your mouse and keyboard
  • Clicking on a product or model will redirect you to the item page and simulate an add to cart action

Alt Text

Alt Text

Learn more

Refer to our documentation to learn more about how to use Unity, AR Foundation, and echoAR.


Feel free to reach out at or join our support channel on Slack.

echoAR (; Techstars ’19) is a cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that provides tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy AR/VR apps and experiences.

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