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Flexbox cheatsheet inside VS Code

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Another week, another VS Code extension. I’ve published two so far and this is my third in just a month. I’m not participating in any sort of “30 VS Code extensions” challenge 😂. It’s just the ideas that keep popping up in my head and I can’t help myself but try to make something out of them.

It’s needless to say that I enjoy doing this quite a lot because these extensions are something I’ve been missing in my work. So by building them, I benefit directly and they make my work as a front-end developer a little bit easier.

Over the last few years flexbox got more and more popular. And rightly so, because it helps us build one-dimensional layouts much faster. Have you tried positioning something in the middle of an element using flexbox? It’s fun, right?

But there’s just one problem! Remembering all flexbox properties can be hard. I know it’s hard for me! Should I use justify-content or align-items to do X? What values does justify-content accept? There are quite many of them and we’re not always sure which one does what. That’s why we have our favorite articles, guides, cheatsheets, etc., to consult during those times. But they all “live” outside of the code editor and that forces us to switch context.

A week ago I asked myself “Why not have a flexbox cheatsheet inside VS Code where I can quickly look up what I need and continue my work? Why do I need to switch context? Why isn’t there a tool that lets me do that?”. That’d be great, right?

I think so too, so I built it! 🚀

I’m thrilled to share my new extension “CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet”. Here’s a little demo:


Currently there are two ways to open the cheatsheet:

  • By pressing Ctrl+Shift+P (Win) / Cmd+Shift+P (Mac) and searching for the Open Flexbox Cheatsheet command.
  • Hovering any display: flex declaration and clicking the Open Flexbox Cheatsheet link in the popup (as shown in the demo).

I have a few ideas for future improvements but I’d like to share it with the world in order to get feedback. So if you work with CSS, please give it a try. I hope you find it useful.

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Front-end developer trying to make useful stuff.


Editor guide

Do one for CSS Grid, too! Haha. Please and thank you! :)


You're welcome :)

Having one for CSS Grid will be quite handy as well. Might consider it for a future project.


Oh! Installing this as soon as I get to my computer for the morning.


Update. I'm LOVING this. The visual representation of each attribute is exactly what I needed. I learned something. I was like, so THAT'S what "align-item: stretch" does. Sweet.

Added first review to the marketplace! Time to check out your other extensions.


Thanks for your review! Really appreciate it 🙏

Hope you find the other extensions useful as well :)


Question, how did you create the .svg images for each attribute?

The whole cheatsheet is based on the excellent work by Darek Kay. I'm not sure which tools he used to create them but you can check out the code on GitHub. :)


Writing and choosing extensions for an editor are the surest way to making it "your" editor. I've enjoyed it for years in Emacs, and this is why Code has quickly become my new favourite. It's giving me incentive to finally learn JavaScript too.


I also like how Code gets updated on a monthly basis. So bug fixes and new features land pretty fast. Good luck with learning JavaScript! If you need some resources, I can share a few that I find useful :)


Sorry for the late response. Was a bit busy today.

There are quite a lot of resources on the Web but the ones I can recommend are:


  • JavaScript for impatient programmers by Axel Rauschmayer. This book was released recently and is available for free online. You can also buy it in paper format if you can spend some money.
  • Exploring ES6 by Axel Rauschmayer. It's is a bit older than the one above but still worth a look.
  • Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke is quite good as well.


  • freeCodeCamp. Not really a course but they have different tracks and learning JS is part of them.
  • MDN has a section dedicated to JS as well. It's a good resource for both learning and as a reference.
  • Getting Started with JavaScript, v2 by Kyle Simpson. I haven't watched this course but have read some of his books and like his style of explaining stuff. So I think the course will be just as good. FrontendMasters is paid so if you decide to give it a try, you can also watch other courses as well.

Building stuff

The are tons of other resources as well but I hope you'll find these useful :)

Edit: Oh, I forgot our lovely DEV.to :) You can follow the js tag. There are a lot of good posts.


So good! I can stop mixing up align-items and justify-content now 🙈


I feel you! Hope this little tool can help you with that :)


Now make one for CSS Grid, where you can generate and export your grid 😉.


That's a really good idea :)

I might give it a try in the future, or of someone wants to take on the challenge, he/she can do it as well.

It's going to be great if my little extension inspires other people to build more tools like this embedded in the code editor.


It's not an extension but this generator is pretty amazing cssgrid-generator.netlify.com/


Yes, it is! Sarah Drasner has released a lot of amazing tools. All of them deserve to be bookmarked :)


Thanks it's really helpfull.

"justify-content: space-evenly;" is missing from your cheatsheet


Thanks for letting me know! Will add it in the next update :)


Building cheatsheets right into extensions is such a good idea! Do you have any good resources for how to go about building an extension?


When I think about it, I can’t understand why we haven’t explored this idea earlier. It makes a lot of sense to me now (or maybe I’m already biased :)). We work with code so the tools needed to support our work should be as close as possible. I’d love to see more extensions similar to this one. An obvious one is a Grid cheatsheet.

As for resources, I’m only looking at the official documentation at the moment. Sometimes I find them a bit hard to understand, though, but it helps by looking at the examples. They have a nice CLI tool for generating new extensions. It makes it very easy to get started. :)


Absolutely! This post has given me a bunch of similar ideas of information or little tools that I want available when I'm writing code; but before this I would have to go look up separately, etc. So thanks for the inspiration!

Those docs look great, thanks :) I'll take a look.


Amazing Dzhavat! I just installed it :)

I really like hovering on display: flex and being able to open it 👍


Thank you so much! I love it.


Thank you for that. I will install it immediately. If you would make the same with Grid would be awesome.
I also love your css to MDN.


Thanks. Hope it serves you well :)

Will appreciate your feedback once you've used them for some time. If you feel like there's something that can be improved, let me know.


Thanks for this 😀


If someone needs to see this cheatsheet to solve the problem, the problem wouldn't be solved!


I see what you mean and I agree. But many times the problem is remembering the right property, not much about the end result.


Thanks for making this! It'll come in handy soon


Awesome thanks! Really helpful


This is exactly what I needed so I don't have to google what each property does for the 100th time 😃


This is exactly why I built it :) Hope you find it useful.


Just tried it... Awesome!
Shared with the Tech Team in the company I work for :)


That's awesome! Thanks :)


Damn this is quite helpful as I always forgot what element I should add to regardless thank you


Awesome!! Loved it!


Very helpful and useful extension ❤️❤️❤️