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“CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet” v3

dzhavat profile image Dzhavat Ushev Originally published at dzhavat.github.io ・1 min read

I’m really happy to share a new version of my “CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet” VS Code extension! 🎉

The biggest change in this update is the addition of interactive demos to most properties. You will be able to see how each value works just by clicking on the buttons. I’ve wanted to add this for some time and pushing an initial iteration of it feels great.

Here’s how it works:

Interactive demos in action

Now I’m looking forward to your feedback! Tell me what you like about it and what you would like to see more. I’ll make sure to add it in a future update 🙂

Go grab it while it’s hot 🔥


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So it's a bit like the-echoplex.net/flexyboxes/ ?
This has been my go-to tester for years.. I will give yours next time I need to do flexy stuff.


Nice website. Didn't know about it. Yeah, they look similar. In my extension the interactive examples are related to only one set of properties instead of combining everything together. I see both resources as valuable. Thanks if you decide to give mine a try :)


Awesome. Thanks a lot :)


Good feature in VS but I use sublime. I hope sublime will adopt this feature soon.


Thanks for sharing your comment. I'm sorry that I cannot provide the same functionality to Sublime as well. If you or someone else want to port my extension to other editors, the code is freely available on GitHub.


Really nice ! Thx for sharing !


Wow, great stuff, thank you!


Dude this is awesome! Thanks for making this!


Thanks for the positive words. Hope you find it beneficial :)


Thanks bruh.


a BIGGG thank you!


Really useful, thanks !


Cool stuff, really useful!


Definitely using this at work. Thank you for this!


Wow now this is a useful extension.