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re: Building cheatsheets right into extensions is such a good idea! Do you have any good resources for how to go about building an extension?

When I think about it, I can’t understand why we haven’t explored this idea earlier. It makes a lot of sense to me now (or maybe I’m already biased :)). We work with code so the tools needed to support our work should be as close as possible. I’d love to see more extensions similar to this one. An obvious one is a Grid cheatsheet.

As for resources, I’m only looking at the official documentation at the moment. Sometimes I find them a bit hard to understand, though, but it helps by looking at the examples. They have a nice CLI tool for generating new extensions. It makes it very easy to get started. :)


Absolutely! This post has given me a bunch of similar ideas of information or little tools that I want available when I'm writing code; but before this I would have to go look up separately, etc. So thanks for the inspiration!

Those docs look great, thanks :) I'll take a look.

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