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What conferences are you most excited about this fall?

dzello profile image Josh Dzielak πŸ”† ・1 min read

I'm currently planning my calendar and I'd love to get some suggestions from the community. If you're running an event and looking to catch the eye of some potential attendees, feel free to share it here too.

I'm excited about JAMstack Conf San Francisco on October 16-18. I just went to the London edition and loved it ❀️ Amazing speakers, several live product announcements from the likes of Netlify and Stackbit. Overall there was a really friendly and inclusive environment, and for me a lot of developer advocates, and evangelists, and founders of dev companies to connect with. The SF edition will be even bigger, with an additional day of conference in addition to a workshop day.

Photo: Sarah Drasner speaking at JAMstack Conf London 2019

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API Specifications Conference on October 15 - 17 in Vancouver, British Columbia!

If you are an API specifications nerd like I am, it will be a great place for you! OpenAPI, GraphQL, gRPC, JSON Schema, and more!

The aim is to try to advance the state of the art of the technology specifications API use and make it easier for API owners, API consumers and tool vendors to work together.


I won't be there, but was last year and always hear the very best things about Strange Loop in St. Louis Sept 12-14.

They always have a super-diverse and fun mix of talks and speakers, and I've never heard a single attendee say they regretted attending.

Plus, the conference party is at the COOLEST museum - kind of an introvert's dream as there are so many fun things to play with if you aren't up to schmoozing. :) My kinda party!


That museum looks crazy fun! More of that for conference parties :)


I'll be going to the week long DjangoCon in San Diego.

Super Pumped!

I'll also attend PyCon Canada later in the fall.

Still Pumped!

This is my first year going to conferences so I'm really looking forward to it. :)


I am excited about Vue.js London October 4th-5th (vuejs.london/)

Shameless Self promotion: API City Conference September 5th in Seattle. (apicity.io) I organize :)


I’m headed to and speaking at Cream City Code a two day tech conference in Milwaukee October 4-5. Looking forward to the awesome lineup!


RubyConf Thailand because I’m coorganizing it. πŸ˜‰