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Meetup Alternatives Meet these open source alternatives to 🤦‍♀️🙅‍♀️

Meetup just announced they'll start charging group members $2 per RSVP. Lol yeah that's not going to fly. Organizations who host free events for their communities, which includes a huge number of developer meetups, are not just going to start charging members money out of nowhere.

If you want the full story, Quincy Larson from FreeCodeCamp does a great job of telling it here: WeWork is Desperately Squeezing Cash Out of by Taxing 225,000 Communities.

But there is more to gain than lose here. Meetup organizers represent an awesome community in their own right. Organizers have been stepping up in a big way, announcing plans to build replacements or shedding light on viable alternatives. Here's a few I've come across so far.


FreeCodeCamp is going to build Chapter, which is a way to "let every organization host their own in a box." Chapter is open source and already has over 600 stars on GitHub despite being a day old. ⭐📈

GitHub logo freeCodeCamp / chapter

A self-hosted event management tool for nonprofits

Welcome to Chapter

All Contributors

After several years of being dissatisfied with existing group event tools (Meetup, Facebook events) we decided to build our own.

This will be a self-hosted Docker container deployed to the cloud with a one-click and then configured by the owner. No coding required.

Your organization can host an instance of Chapter under a sub-domain of your website, such as or

All of an organization's user data will remain under their control.

Our Vision statement provides more details on the reasons for Chapter.


To better communicate and more easily build an API and UI, the current contributors have decided on a collection of terminology to clarify discussions surrounding the Chapter project:

Term Definition Example
instance a web server deployment of the Chapter application, managed by an organization. a Docker container running on a web host
organization a non-profit with

Chapter even has a data model already! 🤓

Alt Text instructor Chris Achard is building a replacement called

Chris seems very open to input about how this should look, so if you've spent sleepless nights dreaming of what a great event-hosting experience should look like (I know I have!) then this is your chance to make those dreams a reality.

Active projects

This GitHub repo by coderbyheart contains a solid table of open source meetup alternatives, including a field for maturity.

GitHub logo coderbyheart / open-source-meetup-alternatives

Open-Source Alternatives to Meetup

Open-Source Alternatives to Meetup

ℹ️ Pull-requests are welcome!

Name Source Maturity¹ Backend Language License
Agorakit GitHub mature PHP GPLv3
attendize GitHub mature PHP Attribution Assurance License gitea inactive Python AGPLv3
Chapter by freeCodeCamp GitHub new JavaScript BSD 3-Clause
Communecter GitHub inactive PHP Apache 2.0
eventoL GitHub mature Python GPLv3
Friendica GitHub mature PHP AGPLv3
Gancio Framagit new JavaScript AGPLv3
Gath GitHub new JavaScript GPLv3
GetTogether GitHub mature Python BSD 2-Clause
Gospeak GitHub mature Scala Apache 2.0
Hubzilla Framagit mature PHP MIT
Human Connection GitHub mature JavaScript MIT GitHub mature PHP BSD 3-Clause
Meetdown GitHub inactive Structr Apache 2.0
Meetup Alternative by Thinkmill GitHub inactive JavaScript unlicensed
Mobilizon in development Elixir AGPL
on_ruby GitHub mature Ruby (extended) Beer-ware
Open Event GitHub: Frontend, Backend mature Python Apache 2.0 & GPLv3
Open Tech Calendar GitLab mature PHP BSD 3-Clause
Openki Gitlab mature MeteorJS AGPLv3
OSEM GitHub mature Ruby MIT

Some notables on the list:

For more options, including some that are SaaS, check out this great article by Nicolas Goutay.

Last resorts

You could always use Eventbrite. Their share priced dropped 39% yesterday but it could easily recover if they would just replace this impossible-to-use 90's-era rich text editor with something better 😛

Alt Text

Update: community suggestions 👯‍♀️

Here on dev and on twitter I got some additional suggestions of alternatives to include. Here they are:

Final word to the wise

Don't make unpredictable and unreasonable pricing changes if a non-trivial portion of your users are developers, designers, and product builders. They might just get motivated enough to build you out of their stack. 😘

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Fábio Tramasoli • Edited

I missed an entry for GetTogether ( and in the notables list. It's a great alternative, already deployed, federated.

Do you care to add it to the list? The Telegram discussion group is growing since Meetup's announcement :D

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Josh Dzielak 🔆


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Olav makes me nervous because there is no imprint and no human with a name mentioned anywhere on the page.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Nice compilation of meetup alternatives!

Also, I just wanted to point out this related discussion here:

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Eugene Cheah

Thanks for the shout out. Adding in a github list which I am updating as it goes along as well =)

GitHub logo PicoCreator / list-of-meetup-alternatives

Compiling a list of meetup alternatives, and possible replacement technologies. PR is welcomed.


Compiling a list of meetup alternatives, and possible replacement technologies. PR is welcomed.


So maybe planning to charge a $2 per RSVP - this will effectively kill any "free meetup". So as a meetup co-organizer myself, this is me researching for a plan to mitigate this!

Open Source Solutions (with demo)

The following are either outright meetup clones, or are "close enough" drop in replacement A similar list in table format (by "coderbyheart") can be found here

Get Together


  • groups: yes, with search (it is a meetup clone)
  • event search: yes, with locations, and more (its a meetup clone)
  • federation: basic import from live sites, using a CLI command (on a cron schedule?)

Most feature complete, one-to-one with, as it was part of its original design goals.

More importantly its the only project to recognize the need for federation of events.

Open Event

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Cass Thompson

I came across an app called outist, which looks really similar to meetup. Looks to be in beta testing at the moment.

nklya profile image
Nikolay Antsiferov

Thank you for this review of alternatives!

Could you please also add
It's like Eventbrite, but for Russia. It's very popular for meetup organizers.

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Vitali Novikau - interesting community platform

makiftutuncu profile image
Mehmet Akif Tütüncü

There is also It's also pretty great.

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Josh Dzielak 🔆

Added to the list!