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Dylan Molina
Dylan Molina

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how to run simulations in your browser

hey everyone — so i built this app that lets you spin up simulations in your browser with no code.

it’s called simulacra labs.

tbh it’s pretty fun + easy to use. let me show you how.

first — go to the simulacra web app.

an image of how the simulacra web app looks when you first open it

next you’re gonna wanna select a simulation using the selection box above start simulation. i recommend starting with the double-agent simulation if you want more of a hands-off experience.

now just sit back and watch some cool stuff unfold!

right now all of the simulations are text-based, but this will change soon.

additionally — while the simulation is loading you’ll be able to view + copy the code for the agents that you’re deploying so that you get an idea of what’s going on under the hood.

i plan on open-sourcing this soon.

an image of the code you're shown when a simulation is loading

let me know what you think! i started working on this for a hackathon hosted by founder’s inc a few days ago and am curious about this tech so i wanna keep hacking on it and see how it goes lol.

s/o to langchain and stanford university for doing research into and providing implementations for the agents that make these simulations possible (respectively)!

also — if you wanna support me and my work you can help me out by engaging with my launch tweet!

thnx for reading!

— dylan

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Dylan Molina

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