Got rejected by two different companies today.

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I got rejected by two different companies today, that I really wanted to work for. Both were Laravel positions, one company focused on TDD and Vue as a frontend, and the other company used a decoupled React with Laravel as the backend api.

I made it to the final round of both of these companies, but instead got hit with two rejection emails on the same day! :/

I thought I did really well in the technical portions, and both even moved me into the "final round" part of the interview.

I've been coding for a few years, and transition from Mean stack to a Lamp stack (Laravel) because of the past companies I've been working for, and right now I feel pretty lost on what I'm really good at.

ps. This is my first post lol.


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Don't be demotivated, this happens sometimes. Even the greatest people in the history have faced rejection.

Focus on what skills you have, not on what you don't. Positivity is the key.

I know it's way easy to say but only you can help yourself. Stay Strong. You will surely get what you deserve.


Thanks for the kind words man. I really appreciate it.


Don't take it to heart fella..

I had a CEO contact me on LinkedIn a while ago from a local company.. I was looking to leave my current (at the time) position and headed to their office for an "informal chat" as such regarding a position that wanted to discuss with me.

I had every part covered (and some) for what they needed (I've been coding in PHP since 4.0.3.. for around 19 years).. everything went really well with the CEO and CTO. I got told they'd discuss things and would get back to me by the end of the week (3 days)... that was last July... I'm still "waiting"!

Happily moved on to a new company now (which I'm very happy at!).. but my better half always tells me "things happen for a reason".

Don't be too disheartened.. it happens, and you could well find when you do land your next role, that you'll look back and think "I'm so glad those last opportunities didn't work out".


dang that sucks for sure! I really hate when companies ghost people like that. But what you said was absolutely correct, sometimes or most times the wasn't the right job for you anyway, and the right place is waiting for me soon.

Thanks man!