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Day 945 : D.E.E.P.

liner notes:

  • Professional : What a day! So many meetings for a Tuesday. Spoke with some folks about the research that I did yesterday to see if a project would be possible. We determined that I should go ahead and create a proof of concept. Now, I've never done anything like this before so I'll definitely be learning a lot of new stuff. So with A LOT of documentation opened in A LOT of browser tabs, I got started. I fixed a demo project that I created like 10 months ago to use as a base that I can build on top of. I was so D.E.E.P. deep into the code that I totally lost track of time.

  • Personal : So I finished up my current side project and linked them to some domains that I purchased. I must have done something wrong, because the site URL without "www" works, but with it, I get an error. For the other domain name, I did the opposite and the opposite happens. I just need to sit down and read through the documentation because something isn't right. This is my first time using this company for setting the DNS for a project.

This is an image of a beautiful beach. The sky is blue and cloudy, and the sun is shining through the clouds. The water is a deep blue and green, and the waves are gently crashing on the shore. The sand is white and soft, and there are a few palm trees growing along the shore. In the background, there is a large rock formation. The beach is located in Fraser Island, Australia.

Going to figure out what is happening with these domain names, I want to work on the highlight clip generator and finalize the part where I generate a video with some text. Then I want to see if I REALLY need to upload a video to get clips. Going to dive more into some documentation. I also want to research some possible events to attend on my next work trip. Need to get that situated soon because the date is coming up. I have not been binge watching "X-Men" animated series.

Have a great night!

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